Deadly new Shotgun

  Curio 14:09 05 Feb 2008

Who in their right mind would volunteer for the Armed Services with the possibility of weapons like this?
click here

  dagbladet 14:15 05 Feb 2008

Work PC, no youtube. What is it?

  lisa02 14:32 05 Feb 2008

Big guns.

  jack 14:46 05 Feb 2008

American madness that what it is.
It will be mass produced and sold over the counter in gunshops all over the USA
Then good bye USA- they will all be a bloody pulp.

  Earthsea 14:53 05 Feb 2008

The presenter sounds like he's in love.

  Bingalau 15:40 05 Feb 2008

I could have done with one of those in Malaya in the early 50's. also Korea and a few other places. The only problem is if they start flogging them to countries that they shouldn't.

Brilliant for getting rid of burglars???

  Grey Goo 15:49 05 Feb 2008

Just a well we are limited to 3 shot semi automatics over here.

  Grey Goo 15:54 05 Feb 2008

Think how heavy that thing would be, solid stainless steel construction. 12 gauge ammo is very heavy and in the quantities you would need to keep the thing fed I don't think it's a jungle gun.

  Bingalau 16:04 05 Feb 2008

We carried 3" mortars amongst other heavy items of equipment. I think we would have coped with the weight. But as you say the ammunition could have been a different story. Then again a single shot from one of those contraptions would cover a far bigger area than a single round from a normal rifle.

  johndrew 17:05 05 Feb 2008

The only problems I see with this are:

1. `Friendly` fire (of which we get enough already)

2. As mentioned above, such a weapon being in the wrong hands.

A very awe inspiring bit of kit nevertheless.

  Forum Editor 17:27 05 Feb 2008

for Hyde Park Corner in the evening rush hour.......I'll take two, please.

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