Dead Pixels

  gashead3 15:40 17 Mar 2005

I received one of Dells desktop computers, I was surprised to see on the flat monitor a sticker indicating that there are 2 dead pixels. After ignoring e-mails I rang Dell to check this out. The reply was that the industry startard for the size of screen is 6/7 dead pixels, and the sticker is the result of the quality control at dell. Dell said that any screen that has no more than the industry standard for dead pixels is an acceptable standard for shipping to customers.

Is this true?

  ventanas 15:47 17 Mar 2005

Yes it is. All tft's will have some dead pixels. 6-7 does seem a bit high to be acceptable, but you are ok with only two. Just hope they are smack in the middle.

  ventanas 15:47 17 Mar 2005

Sorry. read NOT smack in the middle.

  pj123 16:29 17 Mar 2005

I don't think I would accept any dead pixels on delivery. I am sure others on this Forum would agree. OK, so the accepted limit is about 5. But would you accept a 160gb hard drive that has a sticker on it saying that there are 50gb bad sectors?

  ventanas 16:42 17 Mar 2005

I agree with you, but this is how it is. I think no matter how many you sent back, any replacement would also have some dead pixels. I suppose it will be sorted eventually as improvements are made.

Best to stick CRT's for the present.

  pj123 18:00 17 Mar 2005

There is some support for TFTs

click here

I don't have a TFT myself because where would I put my scanner? My CRT has an adjustable shelf on the top where my scanner is located.

  alan9900 19:13 17 Mar 2005

All tft's will have some dead pixels-??
I have an IIyama Prolite E481S 19" TFT it has no dead pixels at all, I would not except a monitor with any dead pixels at all I would return the monitor as faulty a.s.a.p

  spuds 19:52 17 Mar 2005

Some manufacturers have a zero tolerance to dead pixels, others will state the industry standard's rule. In general though, it is excepted that a dead pixel in the centre of the screen is a replacement or refund issue.

A method that as been tried, and appears to work [by other accounts], is to get a cotton bud, slightly damp it, then run in a slight circular motion over the area of the dead pixel, do this in a very gentle way. The dead pixel may or may not disappear, depending on your perseverance.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:55 17 Mar 2005

I agree, not all tft's have dead pixels. My Philips 170C4 still has none after 16 months.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:57 17 Mar 2005

The FE often recommends your method of enlivening dead pixels.

  JonnyTub 20:10 17 Mar 2005

a handy utility for finding dead pixels you never knew existed click here personally, if i haven't seen em, i don't want making aware of them. good to have for when you've just bought a new tft though.

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