dead from flesh eating bug

  ronalddonald 08:13 12 Aug 2010

click here

This woman was diagnosed wrongly and died from a flesh eating bug.

  smartpoly 08:17 12 Aug 2010

and your point is??????

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:39 12 Aug 2010

So what? This has been happening for years and years. next thing you'll be telling us that rationing has been stopped or Mafeking has been relieved.


  Al94 08:42 12 Aug 2010

In fairness, the real story here is the mis - diagnosis by the walk in centre.

  interzone55 08:42 12 Aug 2010

It's much easier to confront a demon once it has a name, even if that name sounds like something from a 50's B-movie

"Beware the Flesh-Eating Bug" now in 3D!!!!!!!

  morddwyd 20:39 12 Aug 2010

You're obviously not in marketing - "Beware the Flesh-Eating Lesbian Zombie Bug" now in 3D!

  wiz-king 21:51 12 Aug 2010

Sorry - you'll have to change the title - not allowed 'Lesbian', it's person of indeterminate sexuality now.

  Forum Editor 22:35 12 Aug 2010

it's naive to expect that medical staff will get every diagnosis right - like everyone else, they sometimes make mistakes.

This case wouldn't even have made the local paper if the woman involved had died from a heart condition - it's the 'flesh eating bug' phrase that made it worthy of attention.

  natdoor 10:53 13 Aug 2010

One can understand when conditions which present virtually no symptoms, such as an aneurism, are not detected but in such a case I don't believe it should happen. Of course, people make mistakes but there are second opinions and one can err on the side of safety. I look forward to the day when AI is available to assist GPs. Symptons and other relevant data could be input and a list of possible conditions would be presented with a recommendation for further diagnostic tests.

  zzzz999 08:43 14 Aug 2010

Mafekin has been relieved?

  Forum Editor 08:51 14 Aug 2010

It's only a rumour - we're waiting for official confirmation.

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