Ddo you trust e-commerce sites with your details?

  PC Advisor 18:28 04 Apr 2011

In the wake of recent security breaches - make-up firm Benefit is the latest company to suffer a potential compromise of its customer email list (click here) - do you trust e-commerce sites with your details?

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  MAJ 19:38 04 Apr 2011

In general, yes, I do trust MOST ecommerce sites with my details (I'm assuming you mean card and bank details) but that doesn't stop me taking precautions. I have a couple of bank accounts, one of which I have linked to my PayPal account. That account is used solely for my online shopping and is in credit only to the amount of money I want to spend online and usually I use PayPal to pay for my purchases. For any purchase over £100 I use my credit card which is protected against fraud by my CC provider. So far so good, I haven't been scammed in the seven or eight years I have been doing it this way (touch wood).

  MAJ 19:41 04 Apr 2011

.... email address? No, I don't care about that, I use a disposable email address when signing up to things online, except PCA of course.

  Devil Fish 20:01 04 Apr 2011

Internet shopping is a good thing on the whole for sure their are risks associated but a lot of them can be mitigated by using common sense

MAJ has already mentioned using a credit card for purchases over £100

another method i use for smaller purchases is a prepaid card, Will register on the site with a full card for verification make one purchase then switch details to the prepay which only has money on it when i want to purchase something

  OTT_B 20:04 04 Apr 2011

Do I trust any ecommerce site with my personal and financial details ? No.
Do I have personal and financial details stored with any ecommerce site? Yes. But that's a risk I choose to take.

It's only a matter of time until one of (for example) Amazon's main systems are hacked and millions of peoples card details and email and home addresses are taken.

They 'haul' available from a big site is just too great for criminals to ignore indefinitely.

  Forum Editor 23:37 04 Apr 2011

and take all reasonable care to protect my credit card details when purchasing online.

Having done that I can use the card with impunity, secure in the knowledge that it is the card-provider who will take the hit if anything goes wrong, and not me. I'm covered in the case of identity theft too.

My email address is useless as far as a criminal is concerned, so I'm happy to provide it to companies from whom I buy things. So far I have had no problems, have not been inundated with spam.

As far as I'm concerned, online purchasing is at least as safe as buying over the phone, and probably more so, and it's certainly as safe as using a card reader in a shop.

There now, I've burnt my bridges in public.

  wolfie3000 04:25 05 Apr 2011

Never really had a problem, I use only a few online shops such as Amazon and Tesco, Most important thing is check the url.

  Kevscar1 05:55 05 Apr 2011

Sites don't need to be hacked, it only takes one dishonest person in the company with access to get your details. Have had it happen twice. Both times I had only purchaesed from big well known retailers recently..

  uk-wizard 06:00 05 Apr 2011

I have two credit cards, one used for on-line shopping and the other for in-shop use. I have shopped on-line for many things at many stores, some well known and some 'one man and his dog' shops and have had no problems. The only time my card has been compromised was at a garden centre and that was picked up by my card provider, a quick phone call to me to check a dodgy transaction and a new card issued.

  carver 08:32 05 Apr 2011

In 12 years I've only ever had my card compromised once and that was picked up by my bank within 15 minutes, card was cancelled and a new one arrived following day.

The web site was one I had used before with no problems but this time my card details were being used before I even had time to make a cup of tea.

I suppose any site can be hacked and any site only needs one person to be dishonest for it to happen but you can't spend your life worrying about it, as long as I try to use my card properly I'll let my bank worry about fraud.

  Matt Egan 09:26 05 Apr 2011

I've had my card skimmed in a restaurant and cheques stolen in the post. I've never had a problem with online transactions. My wife did, and the first she knew about it was when the bank called her to tell her it was sorting it out. Unless you hide fivers in a pillow case under the bed you're at risk of e-commerce fraud. If you take the correct precautions, you're as safe shopping online as you are in the flesh. In fact, under distance-selling regulations you may even be better off.

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