the day the earth stood still..!

  perpetual motion 17:54 17 Dec 2008

Just come back from seeing this film, i wasnt expecting much due to the critic reviews there is, i also didnt go there intending to watch a Die Hard action movie, what i got was one of the best & most to the point films ive ever seen, it was intresting all the way through & it wasnt spoilt by some action hero holding a sub machine gun trying to save the earth, to be honest apart from the fact they was some 12 yr olds spoiling parts by screeming in the audience i enjoyed EVERY minute!

my wife cried in the film towards the end & i must be honest i had a lump in my throat, it was very itresting some of the points made in it & Keanu Reeves played his best performance ive ever seen him in...

If you want to see it i hope this helps... 10/10...

  Forum Editor 18:08 17 Dec 2008

but not on most of the film critics - it received a lukewarm reception, and was compared unfavourably with the original 1951 version.

  egapup 18:37 17 Dec 2008

"most of the film critics - it received a lukewarm reception"
Who cares, we're all differant, one mans poison.....

  The Brigadier 18:39 17 Dec 2008

The day i married Mrs Brigadier.

  perpetual motion 18:44 17 Dec 2008

The Brigadier" lovely!! just lovely.!!!

FE as egapup stated we are all differant...its still a damn good film...

  perpetual motion 18:46 17 Dec 2008

The problem with "film critics" they watch EVERY movie out so there expectations tend to be way to high & they overlook some of the more important points.! whereas im more of a average fella that goes to the cinema once/twice a month max...

  Legolas 18:51 17 Dec 2008

I always go by this formula

critics recommend a film = I will hate it
critics pan a film = I will love it

Works for me. So going by this formula I will go and see this film.

  Forum Editor 19:00 17 Dec 2008

rather than what you think I said. I didn't say it wasn't a good film, I said the critics didn't like it as much as you did.
It has been compared unfavourably with the original version. 'Variety', a much-respected film resource, says this about it:

"This botched remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" seriously dishonors the seriously fine 1951 sci-fi landmark on which it's based. Decent opening biz will surely plummet once the holidays pass."

Each to his own, as you say, but I think I'll be giving this one a miss.

  perpetual motion 20:19 17 Dec 2008

FE np's but it realy is a decent film.. to compare it i would think the film "Contact" with Jodie Foster" or close encounters of the third kind...but thats just my oppinion..

  AL47 20:37 17 Dec 2008

i more often than not dislike films which win awards and love ones that dont,

thats how i use critics reviews

  laurie53 20:46 17 Dec 2008

I have seen very few modern remakes which compare favourably with original versions once you look past the better image quality and modern special effects.

Since I saw the original I know the ending, so I'll give this one a miss!

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