David cameron proves he learn't everything he know

  Kevscar1 07:37 24 Sep 2010

about polotics from Tony Blair.

click here

  carver 09:53 24 Sep 2010

I like that, just about sums up what politicians secretly think about us.

  lotvic 12:13 24 Sep 2010

What a spoof... justs shows you can *make* anybody say anything if you know how to edit :)

  lotvic 12:14 24 Sep 2010

justs = just

  Quickbeam 13:08 24 Sep 2010

It's a spoof...?

  jakimo 13:47 24 Sep 2010

as fourm member comments,they were better at not seeing the join in the 60s

  lotvic 14:32 24 Sep 2010

I know you are only joking... you are...aren't you? :)

fourm member - the 60's, yep, I was there :)) and I agree it was a lot slicker then.

  Pine Man 14:54 24 Sep 2010

Crude! That has got to be the worst one I have ever seen!!

  interzone55 15:29 24 Sep 2010

It wasn't slicker in the 60's, the refresh on your TV just wasn't quick enough show the edits.

And the drugs were better then :-)

  lotvic 15:57 24 Sep 2010


  zzzz999 17:00 24 Sep 2010

The ticker tape comments at the bottom are brilliant

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