David Cameron and immigration

  hill farmer 22:31 14 Apr 2011

At last a prime minister who is not afraid to tackle a difficult problem. I thought his speech was quite good and totally reject Cable's prophet of doom reply.

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  Forum Editor 22:48 14 Apr 2011

His words may have cheered up a few wavering supporters, but the fact is there is absolutely nothing he can do about people who come here from countries within the European Union.

What he could do something about is the very large numbers who arrive here from Asia and Africa - over 70% of all new UK citizens come from those continents. Being theoretically able to impose limits is one thing, actually achieving it is an entirely different thing.

  zzzz999 06:01 15 Apr 2011

Hillfarmer - why do you see immigration as a bad thing?

  Quickbeam 08:08 15 Apr 2011

In his own words, he is attempting to pull the rug from under the extremist parties feet.

For too long the mainstream parties have either pretended that there is no resentment over immigration of people with nothing to offer us by coming, but will want it all for nothing on a plate, or that our over crowded country is a figment of the imagination of the populist press.

It's time that the big three addressed what most of us on the street think head on. If you want to come here, what will you bring other than a crippling increase in the benefits bill?

  morddwyd 08:30 15 Apr 2011


The number of illegals has been estimated at a million.

Restrictions on legals will only cause this to increase, and we are closing Coastguard stations and cutting back on border checks.

  sunnystaines 08:39 15 Apr 2011

he says he wants good immigration.

now i see good immigration as accepting ones with skills we need, and revoking those that are unemployed and a drain on our benefits.

also sending back asylum seekers that are not in employment when their their country is safer. many have now got jobs and are not a drain but those that do not work should go when the wars are over eg bosnia,albania and many african nations

  hill farmer 19:05 15 Apr 2011


"why do you see immigration as a bad thing?"

I don't. People coming to this country with legitimate reasons such as filling skills gap's that we can not accommodate. Entrepreneurs who wish to invest, Asylum seekers who are in fear of their lives, genuine students wishing to learn at our university's.The list goes on.

Of course every EU citizen has the right to entry to the UK, as we have the right to go to any EU country.

What I do see as a bad thing is people getting visa's so they can enter into sham marriages. Students who apply for university places, complete with family's entering the country and not intending to take up the offer and then disappearing. There are plenty of other back door ways to gain entry. We have to slow it down. We can just accommodate so many people.

  JYPX 19:47 15 Apr 2011

hill farmer - Your line of argument is all over the place. You give a few examples of scams taking place. Hardly anyone - including Vince Cable - would disagree that we should tackle those. But then you go on to say "We can just accommodate so many people" What exactly are you proposing? Would you refuse to renew the visas of the many non EU Immigrants currently working in this country. Are you aware that the NHS and our network of care homes would collapse overnight without this huge number of hard working immigrants. Do you have any experience in either of these two areas?

  zzzz999 07:27 16 Apr 2011

In discussions about immigration we need to be clear what we are discussing. As has been said, there is an easy Daily Mail/Express slopiness of linking illegal activity with immigration through proper channels. Our universities are kept afloat by overseas students paying to study here. As has already been said, much of our front line public services are kept afloat and operational thanks to immigrants. And, just for the record, its been shown that within 6 months most migrants to this country are in work/studying.

I also am not comfortable with 'good immigration'; effectively we are taking valuable skills and resources from poorer countries to their detriment.

With regard to 'impact' on indigenous populations. Perhaps if certain sections of the media stopped scaring people with nonsense headlines we would have an easier transition for everyone.

  Aitchbee 11:32 16 Apr 2011

People who come into this country have children.Think of a number.Then treble it. A conservative estimate. (quadruple it - my estimate)

  zzzz999 21:47 16 Apr 2011

Aitchbee - some do, some don't, so what?

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