Is Dave becoming a little gaffe-prone?

  bri-an 22:49 05 Aug 2010

Following the mistake in the USA over the last war, then offending Pakistan, and now this

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Is it just youthful carelessness or lack of engaging brain before opening the mouth?

  birdface 23:06 05 Aug 2010

The lack of engaging brain before opening the mouth I think is just about right.
He has had to backtrack on quite a few things, a little more experience and he should be Ok.
You have to know when to react quickly and get it right at the same time.
So far he is doing not to bad but he has not tightened the screws yet and that will bring the best or worst from him.
I still think it was ridicules of him to do away with the police guards while traveling I hope that does not come back to haunt him.
Apart from the odd little hiccup he seams to be doing Ok at the moment.

  bri-an 06:25 06 Aug 2010

I'm inclined to agree with you, hopefully he will 'tighten up' and realise that every comment he makes, off the cuff or not, will be analysed.

fourm member:-
"Perhaps he forgot that not everyone has seen the satellite photos and intelligence reports he has."

If you are implying that he has maybe seen intelligence and 'let the cat out of the bag' then it makes his gaffe much more serious, surely?
To forget that he sees things we don't (in security terms) and then announce publicly does seem a mite un-statesmanlike.

  Autoschediastic 06:53 06 Aug 2010

To me i think where has the "Freedom of speach gone" there was a day in the distant past where "Within" reason we could all speak freely it seems now a days we are so "politically correct" that even the very slightest of blip's is made into a OTT reaction from the media & the public..

  bri-an 07:11 06 Aug 2010

"..we could all speak freely "

'We' may be able to, but this is our Prime Minister making these gaffes, in relatively quick succession. Not inspiring great confidence in his own judgement, or maybe that of his 'coaches and advisors' possibly?

  sunnystaines 07:20 06 Aug 2010

Is Dave becoming a little gaffe-prone?

Yes, looks like he needs to brush up on world affairs, hope he is not going to as gaff prone as the old ronald reagan was.

needs to do his homework prior to his engagements.

  Kevscar1 07:49 06 Aug 2010
  michaelw 09:08 06 Aug 2010

...but I no more want to see him in his underpants than I do Harriet Harman in a bikini or Diane Abbott topless...

You speak for yourself, mate.

I think Cameron is a very good orator and a lot shrewder than his predecessor. He knows exactly what he's saying even if it is a mite controversial sometimes. He is probably right about Pakistan being the hub of terrorism and that the government there is not as affective at curbing it as they could be. Reading between the lines, and taking into consideration their president is still meeting Dave, perhaps it's to do with a more mutual intelligence collaboration. After all, any government can have moles within itself. We've had a few KGB ones in our time.

Cameron's latest 'gaff' can do no particular harm, or not more so than if he'd merely indicated that Iran was still only making a nuclear device. We all know they are. No one can do any more with their strategies either way. Maybe he did it to put the wind up Israel who have been behaving like dickheads recently. If so, good job.

  Quickbeam 09:20 06 Aug 2010

Maybe he's subtly conditioning us to accept the next war in the Middle East.

  morddwyd 09:44 06 Aug 2010

"Maybe he's subtly conditioning us to accept the next war in the Middle East"

Now there's a thought.

How long before, at the prompting of our "senior partner" at Dunkirk, we are told it is necessary to bomb Pakistan as a hotbed of terrorism.

  birdface 09:52 06 Aug 2010

[Is Dave becoming a little gaffe-prone]
He was before the election and still is.
What you see is what you get.
He is not scared of change as you have seen with the Lib_Dem Pact.
So maybe change is not such a bad thing as long as it is for the good.

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