Data Protection Question

  HighTower 16:19 08 May 2008

A customer of mine who has a self managed website designed by myself recently inadvertently uploaded a sample contract. When I say inadvertently I mean that the version that was uploaded was a full version with the name and address of the individual in question still on there. What he meant to do was use a generic "A.N. Other" but the sample contract was oversaved by a real one by mistake.

It wasn't a contract of employment or anything like that, it was a contract for the house he was letting out. The details on the pdf included the individuals name and the address of the rented house.

When this error was realised (by the individual) the contract came offline within around 10 minutes, but should he worry if the individual wants to take this further?

  rossgolf 16:25 08 May 2008

if it was an accident and no harm has come to the indivduals then i dont see why it should be needed to be taken further....i think the courts would just throw it out.

  HighTower 16:29 08 May 2008

The downside is that somebody has carried out a search on the web and found them via this pdf!

  HighTower 16:35 08 May 2008

Yeah, I took a look at the whole act and nearly passed out, hence this post on the forum.

That's kind of what I would have expected. If there is a breach then you are given notice to correct it. If you don't correct it then you can be in trouble. As this was corrected immediately I would guess that he's in the clear, but I was interested to hear what others who know more about it think so thanks for your posts.

  €dstowe 16:42 08 May 2008

I think the Information Commissioner has enough to do sorting out the gaffes and cockups make by his own employers to be bothered by anything like you describe.

  HighTower 16:44 08 May 2008

Yes, perhaps this sort of thing comes nearer the bottom of the queue!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:13 08 May 2008

'The details on the pdf included the individuals name and the address of the rented house' god, the implications, the tenant will lose everything in his/her life.


  HighTower 17:18 08 May 2008

Yes, I know, sounds like nothing but in this "sue first ask questions later" world of hours you never know! :-)

  HighTower 17:19 08 May 2008

Sorry, 'hours' should be 'ours' - don't know what came over me!

  Forum Editor 18:48 08 May 2008

if the individual wants to take this further?"

In a word, no. It was a genuine error, and was rectified very rapidly - your customer has nothing whatever to worry about, tell him to forget all about it.

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