Dat loss again.

  jack 15:42 15 Apr 2008

Strange isn't when one body 'fesses up' to losing data- others climb on the scaffold to admit their failings- I wonder why?
Data loss through carelessness of individuals must have gone on before the electronic era.
This week past I was visiting in laws and nieces and in conversation the youngsters were chatting about their mobile phones, one of the girls said she was dismayed to discover that one of her chums whilst showing off her new IPhone thumbed through her contacts to reveal not only individuals names and phone numbers but addresses, birthday and er to use her words 'other stuff' said in a conspiratorial way with a raised eyebrow.[Hmm what could she have meant?]and then went on to say - If that little item went walk about there is otential there for trouble for some one.
Which leads me to wonder just how much info do you all carry around about other people and their doings?
My Mobile[recently resurrected after losing the connection through lack of use] carries but four phone numbers -I know what they are for- no one else would.
How about you all?

  recap 16:01 15 Apr 2008

I syncronised my mobile phone with Outlook here at work and it now stores all my contacts phone numbers and email addresses on it, (around 250). What use that would be to somebody else is anybodies guess.

  Jim Thing 16:03 15 Apr 2008

"...how much info do you all carry around about other people and their doings?"

None. I don't own a mobile phone.

  Bapou 16:34 15 Apr 2008

You mean there are two of us? There's me, all these years, believing I must be the only person not to possess a mobile!

  jack 16:50 15 Apr 2008

As I mentioned- My one was resurrected because it had lost its connection through lack of use.
This I did because 'Herself' gave me a telling off recently when I was late home.[I did have a chaperon - my Daughter]
You could have phoned she said-
It would have been - 'We're stuck on the train' had I got one of those infernal things.
Now once a week I telephone - myself- simply to ensure the thing is up and running.

  Coffee Adict 16:52 15 Apr 2008

Make that three.

  interzone55 17:18 15 Apr 2008

Interestingly most people I know carry around at least two phones & possibly a Blackberry as well, so that balances out your lack of phones...

On the subject of mobiles & data loss, this is an interesting point, loads of people lose their phones in taxis & pubs, so any contacts and emails on the phone will be available to all & sundry.

A couple of months ago my brother in law passed on his old work phone to my father in law - it was then my job to get it unlocked.

As I was checking the phone I found all his text messages & work emails were stored in the phones memory - so I business emails, his bank statements & loads of other stuff. Basically he'd neglected to wiped the mini-sd card built into the phone, but how many other people forget to do that before they put their old phones on eBay?

  jack 19:52 15 Apr 2008

they put their old phones on eBay?
Quite so, they should of course remove the card and destroy it or transfer it to their new phones surely/

It is good only for the account to which it was originally set up is it not - Or have I got that wrong too?
In the past when I had a phone for work and it died- buying a new phone and taking out the yet to be 'set up' card and inserting my original ensured continuity.

  crosstrainer 20:00 15 Apr 2008

A PDA for work ( saves) carying the lappy on small jobs.

Kids with phone's well................

  interzone55 20:58 15 Apr 2008

Your confusing the SIM card, which contains the phone number, and very often the phone book & text messages, with the mini-SD card many smart phones use to store emails, photos, documents etc. Pity the smart phones don't have smart users...

  laurie53 21:37 15 Apr 2008

No data on my phone - I don't know how to enter it.

Last week I had a little envelope thingy showing. Had to get a youngster to show me how to get rid of it.

Turned out to be a special offer from my bank!

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