In-dash DVD players...

  Quickbeam 18:09 06 Dec 2007

Does the law prohibiting TV pictures being seen by the driver of a moving vehicle not extend to the playing of a DVD film on the move?

I ask as I saw a vehicle with only the driver in showing a film!

  xclr8r 19:47 06 Dec 2007

Not sure about the law Quickbeam, but a friend of mine is a courier. He knows some driver who drives a Mercedes Sprinter long wheel base van, this has a in dash DVD player with a fold down cover so it just looks like a blank panel. He told me this bloke watches adult DVD's whilst blasting down the A1. Bloody fool should be banned from driving for life and these things outlawed at once. I have also witnessed foreign truckers with tv's mounted on the dash driving down the M6 watching stuff like "this morning". The thing is, plod does not witness this stuff anymore as he is mainly parked up at the station with his feet up, allowing Mr Gatso to pay his way.

  postie24 19:47 06 Dec 2007

Yes i would have thought so,anyone trying to watch a film whilst on the move must be insane.

  rossgolf 22:25 06 Dec 2007

u wudnt be able to hear it without deafaning yourself because of the noise on the motorways

  xclr8r 22:28 06 Dec 2007

Bluetooth connectivity is what the guy uses on his in the van.

  sunny staines 01:04 07 Dec 2007

a driver can view a sat nav, internal cctv and rear view camera on the move, where do you draw the line between these and a dvd or tv.

  Quickbeam 06:27 07 Dec 2007

I think the difference is when more than a casual glance is required, or in the case of reversing cameras on HGVs they are safer.

As far as I'm aware it is illegal to have a TV receiver show pictures within the drivers sight. Obviously when this law was brought in, in car movies were never even a pipe-dream... so is it a case that the law is slow to react as with mobile phones which took years to have a specific law applied to them?

If I had my way, I'd have road side floggings administered for doing this... but as you know, I can sometimes be quick to judge :)

  Quickbeam 09:27 16 Apr 2008

I think this craze for TV/DVD showing in the dash is growing at a great rate. I am seeing more & more kids with them on in the dash while driving.

The ebay listings for in dash viewing devices runs into the hundreds. Do we have to wait for a horror crash to happen for government to act on this one...?

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