Dartford River Crossing Toll To Be Suspended

  wids001 07:09 06 Jul 2011

Great news .... until you hear the full proposals

link text

The trial is to last six months and once queues started to build the barriers will be lifted.

Brilliant .... NOT!

Apparently the queue has to reach back to Junction 28 .... TEN MILES!

  muddypaws 08:59 06 Jul 2011

But the toll is going up to £2.50, so they wont lose too much. I don't think normal rush hour traffic will come into the equation.

  SparkyJack 11:18 06 Jul 2011

This topic has been much discussed in the recent and not so recent past ,and is activated from time to time also. It is also FREE after ten at night and before 6am next day.

The £2.50 fee is a strange one - it has in my view the potential for causing more delay at the auto barrier as users insert different coin combinations or even fumble ,when the realise they don't have to correct change.

Fat better an increase if one at all would be to £2 - one or or two coins required.

  birdface 14:34 06 Jul 2011

The governments stance on keeping the toll was that it help stop congestion Now they have changed their minds and they want to open it to ease congestion.

I think they want to make their minds up.

It is what I would call robbery without violence.

The bridge was paid for about 7 years ago and the Tolls should have been scrapped then.

Looks like the Tory Government is as bad if not worse than the Labour Party before them.

Wonder what the FE thinks because when this was brought up before he said he did not mind paying for the Toll as it helped stop congestion.

Wonder what he thinks now that they have made a statement that it does cause congestion.

I hate to bring this up but if this bridge was in Scotland the charges would have stopped as soon as it was paid for.

  wids001 17:20 06 Jul 2011

The toll is increasing to £2.00 for cars. The local MP is pressing for the trial suspension of the tolls to come into force as soon as traffic backs up to junction 30, about 2 miles.

  birdface 18:42 06 Jul 2011


Even if they are open cars and trucks will still have to slow down to get past.

The quickest way to get past is remove the barriers and that means the Toll.

Maybe the Local MP should be pressing for the Toll to be removed instead of suspended.

  SparkyJack 19:58 06 Jul 2011

These two lines from the report are inaccurate

'This would get rid of the serious congestion currently experienced and it would also relieve local residents of the huge burden of paying the toll.

Whether is is inaccurate reporting or the fact the local rep does not know the full facts I know not

But locals who make regular use of the crossing are able to obtain DarTag units at a good discount.

  Condom 23:39 06 Jul 2011

Get to love your driveway as it may soon be the only bit of tarmac your car can stand upon for free.

  Al94 08:45 07 Jul 2011

The answer is simple. Introduce an automated barrier free system similar to that which operates on the M50 round Dublin which used to be congested till this was adopted. This is how it works click here

  muddypaws 12:52 17 Jul 2011

Just read the headlines in the current Kent Messenger. Apparently the tolls will only be lifted when the queue exceeds ten miles!! That means the queue anti-clockwise will have to be back almost to J.5 Seevenoaks. Does that mean when it reduces to nine miles the toll goes back on?! So the people at the end of the queue will never go toll free. I see a catch here somewhere.

  muddypaws 12:53 17 Jul 2011

Sevenoaks of course.

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