Darling calls for pay restraint

  peter99co 21:51 22 Jun 2008
  peter99co 21:53 22 Jun 2008

Will he tell his fellow MP's about this and will they listen?

  Earthsea 00:10 23 Jun 2008

You might be right.

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“We are getting it in the neck from the public anyway. We might as well take the money and run,”

Sums it up, really.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:07 23 Jun 2008

If I was on his salary I would be saying the same. It is slightly different for families with children, OAPs and low income groups. The man is clearly an out of touch baboon and on the same level as the half-wit MP who told everyone to cheer up last week. I am beginning to despair.


  zzzz999 07:25 23 Jun 2008

Not to worry, they will stick to 1.5% plus the suggested £40k top up (because they will be giving up their second home allowances)

  DrScott 13:36 23 Jun 2008

might actually be a better idea in terms of relieving inflation. Especially since the rises are unpredicted and so weren't a planned aspect of tax revenue.

This constant banging on about limiting pay rises is starting to get more than a little tiresome.

  Monoux 14:28 23 Jun 2008

I foresee a summer of discontent

  johndrew 15:34 23 Jun 2008

`I foresee a summer of discontent`

Perhaps it will be placed near the winter of discontent in the history books. However it will do little to make life any easier for anyone - especially groups without any clout. Seems to me that a Union of Pensioners or similar would be unlikely to get much support from other union groups.

  peter99co 17:34 23 Jun 2008

It has started

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  peter99co 22:19 23 Jun 2008

As long as they don't turn off the lights.

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