The darker side of a nation's rise in prosperity

  TopCat® 16:39 19 Aug 2007

This is thriving, modern India but it seems one old tradition still figures highly in the maternity stakes. TC. click here

Quote: "Girls are unwanted because they are seen as a financial burden. Landholdings can pass to in-laws and dowries, which themselves are illegal, siphon money from families.

Why pay 50,000 rupees to your new in-laws when you can pay 500 rupees for an abortion? You do not even have to leave home."

  Forum Editor 16:57 19 Aug 2007

will bring massive social repercussions in its wake, and Indian politicians know it. The problem is, most of them probably take the view that they won't be in power when there are not enough women for men to marry, 'so let someone else have the worry'.

International pressure can be brought to bear, but the problem isn't that easy to solve - what goes on in the vastness of the Indian countryside is difficult to control.

  wee eddie 19:25 19 Aug 2007

China has been cooking up one which is many times worse.

While not knowing the exact figures the person I was speaking with suggested that 5 males to every single female might be an estimate on the conservative side.

The reason for the conversation was one of Strategic Planning. Traditionally such an imbalance was corrected by going to war or at the least skirmishing with ones neighbours.

Of course the whole situation might reverse and the Suitor might have to put in an offer for the Blushing Bride.

  Legolas 20:04 19 Aug 2007

As I outlined in another thread I have seen the result in China of girls being undervalued in a culture. I visited an orphanage in Tongling and was allowed to see the rooms filled with orphaned girls ranging in age from a few months to about 18 months. I looked in 3 rooms filled with cots they must have been upwards of 15 cots in each room and there were more rooms than I saw.

There were also all the other age groups in the orphanage that I never saw the older ones were at pre-school and still more at school. This is repeated all over China orphanages full of little girls.

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