The Dark Knight

  iqs 20:47 25 Jul 2008

Watched it yesterday,thought It was brilliant.What did you think?????

  Clapton is God 21:02 25 Jul 2008

What are you talking about?

Do you want to give us a clue or a link?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:08 25 Jul 2008

For those unable to use Google... click here


  Clapton is God 21:22 25 Jul 2008

It's nothing to do with being "unable to use Google".

But it is to do with an imprecise original post

  al7478 21:42 25 Jul 2008

The post was absolutely precise, you just didnt know what it was.

personally, i needed a long lie down after watching it.

it was too long, too fast, too loud. However, i certainly need to see it once or twice more to have a more well-rounded view of it.

On the plus side, ledger was very funny, and menacing (downright ferocious in parts), Gyllenhall was better than katie holmes (tho im not sure the Dawes character was written, or concieved, very well in the first place. seems to me that they just realised when they finished writing...Beggins that they didnt have a love interest). Eckhart and Oldman were in good form too - Gordon blended in in jsut the right way, i felt.

I listened to Mark Kermode's review earlier, and he said he could have done without two face and the whole boat sequence, but if they were not there, it would be a very different film. That said, i do have some sympathy with his argument. I also agree that there was little to engage with emotionally.

I also could have done without the bike coming out of the car. in fact, all the bond stuff could have been toned down just a touch.

I've seen many of the trailers too, and its obvious that some of the takes they used in th efilm were different, and some should have been kept from the trailer, imo.

I'm not sure what Fox's moral dilemma with the TV screens was all about.

  GRIDD 22:41 25 Jul 2008

The OP'S opening question couldn't be more accurate.

It's a pity I can't answer it yet but I will by tomorrow night.

PS. Clapton is God
The title "The Dark Knight" has been all over the media for sometime, in fact sice Heath Ledger's Death! and a bit before that too. It must be 'Dark' round your neck of the woods for you not to know!

  Clapton is God 06:56 26 Jul 2008

The fact of the matter is that I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in films (I assume that's what we're talking about).

I have better things to do with my time and spend my money on.

  dagbladet 07:13 26 Jul 2008

Pointless. Utterly pointless.

  laurie53 08:21 26 Jul 2008

Must be "Dark" round my neck of the woods too, because I had absolutely no idea what the thread was about, and unlike CiG I do have an interest in films.

  iqs 10:04 26 Jul 2008

I thought my title and question was very clear.I wont bother in future ,due to some of the replies.
Thanks GRIDD & al7478

  Legolas 10:36 26 Jul 2008

I have heard of the movie due to the untimely death of one of its stars, although I wasn't sure of the movies name. I won't be seeing it as I am not a great movie goer. As to the thread title I quite like thread titles that don't explain everything it normally maks me look probably because I am nosy lol. As this is "speakers corner" and not the "helproom" clear thread titles are not as important.

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