the Dark Ages still exist....

  Seth Haniel 08:45 30 Jul 2008
  spuds 09:06 30 Jul 2008

I wonder if the people or want the ban to remain own televisions or dvd/vhs recorders!.

But then again. the mayor does have a very personal interest in this ;o)

  interzone55 09:07 30 Jul 2008

How useful is this ban when it's been shown on TV several times in the last few years.

Does the town confiscate all TVs on the day it's about to be shown? Do they check bags as you enter the town to make sure you've not been to HMV in Cardiff & bought a copy?

Idiots like this drove me away from the Church, they're so narrow minded, but so busy arguing about the whether women should be allowed to be bishops that they forget the central tenet of Christianity, "love thy neighbour as thyself" if we all followed that rule, regardless of our chosen deity, the world would be a much better place.

And by the way, The Life of Brian ridiculed organised religion, NOT Jesus.

Follow the gourd...

  Quickbeam 09:08 30 Jul 2008

should resolve this matter...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:16 30 Jul 2008

Glad to see the church moving into the 21st century with it's customary snail-like speed, worrying inability to move with the times and then going head-on to tackle the real problems in life. How anyone can support or believe in this bunch of history-retarded losers totally mystifies me.


  Seth Haniel 09:46 30 Jul 2008

at the time of the films release and actually a lot of young people were introduced to religious concepts because of it.

Now with the rantings of Archbishops and above reverands people are being driven away in throngs

  jakimo 12:21 30 Jul 2008

Sadly there still exist small groups of narrow minded chapel goers in Wales.

  bstb3 12:27 30 Jul 2008

A telling part of the interview with the Vicar who supports the ban:

Asked if he had ever seen the film, Mr Bell said he had "seen a small clip, that's all".

Yet he professes to know what the film is about and how it pokes fun at Jesus. Astonishing.

I am pretty sure that Mr Bell is in the minority of people in Aberystwyth who havent seen the film, and the last time I was there it hadnt descened into a den of depravity as a result (which came as quite a disappointment, but thats beside the point). Time to move with the times I think, Vicar.

  Seth Haniel 12:42 30 Jul 2008

Afraid a lot go through life blinkered like that. And conveniently miss bits in thier own book that doesn't tie in with what they preach.

  laurie53 20:07 30 Jul 2008

I'm afraid I found it blasphemous, but each to his/her own.

It's banned in my living room. Anyone else can do what they like.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:20 30 Jul 2008

announced to the World he loves Jesus more than his Wife, I bet that makes her feel special.

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