Dangerous driving habit - Overtaking!

  wids001 13:55 03 Sep 2010

I was taken along part of the A120 in Essex yesterday and sat behind a shiny new BMW, which for no less than 9 miles was trying to overtake an Artic. The traffic in both direction was literally bumper to bumper (as normal) with an average speed of 25-30mph, and he had no chance, but he kept trying. Indeed, at one point the driver managed to get about halfway past this artic before being confronted by another one coming at him from around a bend and was forced to slam on his brakes and pull back in behind the artic!

At this point I asked my son to pull back because I could see an accident coming. Anyway, as I said he tried time and time again without success until we reached the A12. At the roundabout before joining the duel carriageway he then decided to try to overtake the artic whilst it was traversing the roundabout and had to brake hard to avoid being crushed before finally speeding off.

The thing is, had he been able to pass the artic on the A120 there were at least 5 other large container lorries, school buses and vans all doing the maximum 25-30mph along the busy road in front of the one he was trying to overtake.

I thought afterwards, what was the point. Oh and before we start on boy racers, he looked to be at least 50-55!

  Clapton is God 14:01 03 Sep 2010

Essex + BMW?

'Nuff said

  MAT ALAN 14:49 03 Sep 2010

Oh and before we start on boy racers,

Why!!! there's no age limit to driving like a "boy racer". I have come accross many of these people who just like to be "in front".
Pulling back to avoid these clowns is the right thing to do....

  Chris the Ancient 15:26 03 Sep 2010

As I used to say to my learners, when I was an instructor...

"I'd sooner have a clown like that in front of me than behind me; it's easier to see what they might do next."

  Quickbeam 15:43 03 Sep 2010

You can't exceed the speed at which the traffic flows, once you pass one in that situation there is always another in the way.

  Noldi 15:53 03 Sep 2010

What people forget is that Artic drivers probably would like to get where they are going as quick as possible, anything travelling under their regulated speed is wasting driving time without covering the millage.


  DippyGirl 17:18 03 Sep 2010

BMW (and some Audi) drivers seem to believe the road is there for their exclusive use and all other motorists are an irrelevance and should make way for them.
I did see one use indicators once (I believe they are still an optional extra on some models) this guy indicating right flew up the right-only lane (past the queue of going straight ahead traffic) as he approached the lights just indicated left and moved - car 2 in front of us had to slam on his brakes to avoid an accident. BMW just sailed on oblivious.
I know its a generalisation but from my experience BMW <> courteous road use.

  Colin 19:52 03 Sep 2010

People will highlight the car if it is a BMW or similar as if it was a Ford Focus or Vauxhall Astra, the type of car wouldn't be mentioned. How many times do you read articles about an accident or such like where the headline states BMW or 4x4 bit if it was an Astra or Focus the type of car wouldn’t be mentioned until later in the article. It is probably true that selfish drivers drive all sorts of cars, but certain cars stick in your mind more easily than others. No, I don’t have a BMW but a Honda Jazz!

  dagbladet 20:20 03 Sep 2010


Agreed. Lots of pompous twaddle being written. The make of car is irrelevant.

  Paddylad 20:55 03 Sep 2010

.....and it's been said officially that "overtaking is the most dangerous manoeuvre in driving." However we all meet cretins on the road.

  v1asco 07:33 04 Sep 2010

and then you have the 2 arctics trying to pass each other on a hill, quite common on the M4, though no obstrcutction any more as its 3 lanes wide, until the third arctic comes

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