This Damn Flu

  crosstrainer 06:16 08 Jan 2009

...Is the worst thing I can remember having in decades.

I'm not prone to colds and the like (I know the FE has also had this new variety) But this just keeps on and non :( I was offered the injection, and will certainly be taking them up on it next year.

There has been talk of contingency plans in the event of a pandemic, I hope that you all escape the misery of this nasty beast (Just looking at the screen for a short time causes me to feel dizzy and ill)

  tillybaby 06:27 08 Jan 2009

Oh dear Crosstrainer I do hope you're soon on the mend,

My son has had the injection but for some reason I wasn't offered it which is stupid as I'm a carer to both my sons and without me the whole family would cease to function, is it too late to ask for it I wonder?

  octal 06:29 08 Jan 2009

I feel for you, although I haven't had this new strain I did get Flu a few years ago and it's nasty. I have had the Flu injection ever since and never had a problem. I think if you are offered the injection then take it. The most I get are bad colds these days thankfully.

I am touching wood and whistling at the moment :)

  laurie53 07:25 08 Jan 2009

"is it too late to ask for it"

Still available in most areas I think.

Anyone who is offered it and doesn't take it should have very good reasons.

  wiz-king 08:10 08 Jan 2009


  wiz-king 08:13 08 Jan 2009

"Just looking at the screen for a short time causes me to feel dizzy and ill" - You really must stop watching day time TV.

  Picklefactory 10:47 08 Jan 2009

Not a pleasant one, I had it over Christmas and still have lingering remnants of it now, it doesn't want to go. I also could have had the jab but didn't, to my cost.
It is certainly persistent.

  oldbeefer2 10:49 08 Jan 2009

Asked for the jab, but because I'm 'only' 64 wouldn't give it.

  birdface 11:02 08 Jan 2009

[Anyone who is offered it and doesn't take it should have very good reasons].Not everyone has a good reaction to the Flu Jab.If any of your family has had a bad reaction the odds are that you will have the same reaction.Mid you I suppose it has improved in the last few years and probably it is checked for contamination that was not done years ago.

  Grey Goo 11:26 08 Jan 2009

I used to work with Influenza years ago, had severe infections of B England and A Singapore. Took up this years Vaccination offer and still went down like everyone else. Catching this latest disease or not is probably more a question of exposure risk than anything else.

  Confab 12:45 08 Jan 2009

Bar far the best way to tell if you have a cold or have the flu is with the “£10.00 note test”.
If you’re at home with a cold and you see a £10.00 note in your back garden you’ll go outside and pick it up. If you’re at home with the flu and you see a £10.00 in your garden then the £10.00 note will stay just where it is!

Simple but true. ;-)

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