Damian Green's arrest, b***s up or a little more

  hssutton 08:42 28 Nov 2008

Was Damian Green's arrest a total b***s up or a little more sinister. It's suggested that a total of 9 counter-terrorism officers where involved in his arrest..

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  laurie53 08:54 28 Nov 2008

So what?

Yet another conspiracy theory.

A perfectly normal police operation, which would have aroused very little reaction if he had not been a politician.

Why should he have different treatment, except a more severe sentence if he has abused his position?

  carver 09:07 28 Nov 2008

It just proves a point that if you make laws that can be misused they will be.

Why should counter-terrorism officers be involved in his arrest, it isn't as though he's going to resist arrest in an orgy of gunfire.

And you are quite right, there is some thing sinister about this because good old Brown said he didn't know any thing about it.

Now if he didn't know about the arrest of a shadow minister then who gave the OK to go ahead with it and why.

I mean all he did was let it out that this government employees illegally immigrants in sensitive areas, so the check on them can't be all that good and then tried to cover it up.

So it's business as normal.

Make a law thats as far reaching and so open to abuse as the anti terrorism act and it becomes laughable

  carver 09:11 28 Nov 2008

What he did had nothing to do with terrorism, the same as that poor bloke who got arrested for heckling, or do you consider that perfectly correct and normal police procedure.

  johndrew 10:37 28 Nov 2008

The information may be politically embarrassing but this is not unusual in the current climate. I feel certain that all parties have such items they would wish to keep under wraps.

To release information that should be in the public domain anyway, and has no effect on State security is hardly a terrorist act. But the actions of the police appear to be more akin to those of the old East German State than we would expect from our forces of law & order.

Hammer to crack a nut perhaps? But then again do we have the full story? Or is this a totally new way of `spinning` information?

  newman35 10:45 28 Nov 2008

Too much we don't know yet, but some answers will have to be forthcoming.
As both a Labour and Tory MP said last night - "someone in Government must have given the OK, it is unbelievable that the police would arrest an MP without 'running it past the Home Office' first".

  Cymro. 10:56 28 Nov 2008

This is the sort of thing that makes me glad that we have at least a reasonably free press

  Cymro. 10:57 28 Nov 2008

I clicked before I was ready it must be too early in the morning for me.

  Cymro. 11:00 28 Nov 2008

This is the sort of thing that makes me glad that we have at least a reasonably free press. Just as long as the story is not turned in to some sort of conspiracy theory.

  Cymro. 11:03 28 Nov 2008

Reading back what I have just posted I don`t think it was worth three and now four postings in a row. I think I shall just return to bed and start all over a little latter in the day.

  peter99co 14:16 28 Nov 2008

I have many times made public information that the Government wanted to keep secret - information that the public has a right to know.

The truth will out!

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