Damage limitation by GB???

  DANZIG 22:15 23 Apr 2008

So this revelation that there will be help for the people affected negatively by the abolition of the 10p tax level is meant to be good?

I might be being a touch silly but HOW will that benefit my partner and I?

I admit we have not a particularly low joint income however we aren't loaded.

We have no kids, we work full time, we own our own house (well Northern Rock owns most of it!).

Minimum wage goes up which means more cutting of staff from our already beleaguered industry (gaming), which is again Labours fault in not addressing.

Hence we have to work even harder and pay more and gain nothing.

New Labour - New Britain.....Ho Ho Ho

  barca1 22:28 23 Apr 2008

DANZIG i CANNOT stop thinking that the future or at least for the next 3/5 years is going to to be "SO" Worrying,Fortunatly for myself & my wife we are not in a similar position as some BUT overall it dont matter if you have wealth or not the Black Hole is here & its here for a long time..

  WhiteTruckMan 22:28 23 Apr 2008

you go put this to your local MP and see what they have to say.

If you can find them, that is.


  DANZIG 22:32 23 Apr 2008

barca1 - Cheers! Might as well just slit my wrists now then! lol

WTM - Mr Barry Sheerman??? I'd get more response from the cat..

  Kev.Ifty 22:45 23 Apr 2008

I can remember when Mrs.Ifty and I had our first mortgage. We were paying 13% on our loan. That is 13 pounds for every £1000 we borrowed.

At the moment it is about £5.50.

Can you imagine a 13% rate?

What would your repayments be?

By the way we were paying our mortgage under a Tory Government.


  LastChip 22:50 23 Apr 2008

this is a huge u-turn by GB, and an immensely embarrassing one too. As one commentator said at lunchtime on the BBC, it's all of his own making; how true!

But note, just like his normal smoke and mirrors, he hasn't actually spelt out what he's going to do. He mumbling about tax credits or maybe a fuel payment increment, but my bet is, it's just a ploy to calm things down until the local elections are over.

There is no doubt he's been forced into a corner and will have to do something, but don't be surprised if it's not very generous.

Given he's track record, I wouldn't trust anything he said, or indeed, almost all of the six hundred plus MP's that share the gravy train.

In my view, in the last decade, politics has sunk to an all time low and until there are some serious reforms, they are all a waste of space.

  LastChip 22:53 23 Apr 2008

Should have been: Given his track record.....

  1911 00:00 24 Apr 2008

Kev.Ifty ahem I think £13 per £100

  €dstowe 06:34 24 Apr 2008

Consider the costs of the extra administrative work (and staff) needed to supervise, assess and pay out the monies in the additional tax credits, fuel payments and so on. Yet more pen pushers and bean counters in the Civil Service, no doubt.

(and more confidential information on computer disks ready to be mislaid!)

  Monoux 07:00 24 Apr 2008

I bet is he'll put as much as he can onto the minimum wage so passing the bill for his major error neatly to employers leaving him still laughing all the way the bank as usual.

How many years will the other methods last i.e. putting extra on the winter fuel payments bearing in mind the £50 extra this year is only for one year.

I think the so called rebels should have stuck to their guns and forced this attack on the poorest to be withdrawn completely.

Like others I suspect this is more about trying to save face at the local elections next week.

  georgemac © 07:32 24 Apr 2008

He has said everything will be backdated to April, although I cannot imagine employers will be too happy being forced to backdate a minimum wage increase

Also my understanding is that people not on the minimum wage will also lose out and it's not clear what will be done to help them

I could hardly believe it when GB was on TV last night saying it was not in response to the possibility of losing the vote that they were going to make these changes - why can't a politician just be honest for once in their life? How stupid do they think we all are?

I also think the rebels should have stuck to their guns, but these are the same ones who cheered in the commons when this was introduced, then did not bother speaking out until it actually happened - makes me wonder how bright some of our elected members are, and at the end of the day they are inclined to put the interests of their party (and themselves) before the interests of their constituents.

I thought we were moving towards a progressive tax system where the lower paid workers had a low starting rate, the 10% band was good as far as I was concerned.

I also remember one of GB's first budget, when he triumphantly boasted the labour were reducing the national debt with the budget surplus and he would be prudent. I have then watched government borrowing increase heavily in good times, when we should have been putting something away for when bad times arrived, as they always do. Much of the increased public spending has been wasted.

If Scotland ever becomes independent, will you kind English people please keep GB?

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