Dam Busters

  Condom 23:22 10 Jun 2011

I see the new version of the Movie currently being made has had to change the name of Guy Gibson's dog from *igger to Digger so it can be shown in the USA market. I think I can understand why but I'm so against historical events being changed as so often people think what they see in movies is the truth. What do others think?

  Quickbeam 23:36 10 Jun 2011

We had a black cat in the '60s called Sambo, nobody thought anything of it at the time. Sign of the times I suppose.

But anyway, no-one can do the 'right chaps, this is the big one you've all been training for' line as well as Richard Todd did it.

  wee eddie 04:12 11 Jun 2011

Can't call it "Digger" thats a slur on the Aussies!

  Kevscar1 06:03 11 Jun 2011

There are certain classics I would not ever consider seeing remakes of because there is no way they can be as good as the originals. This is one another is True Grit.

  Noldi 07:09 11 Jun 2011

The problem is a new movie would be with a lot of computer generated sceans and that would spoil it for me, that also spoilt the last Star Wars movie for me,it bbecomes totaly outside of reality but then some would love that.

Stick with the original that was created when it was still fresh in peoples minds.


  Crosstrainer2 07:14 11 Jun 2011

If a ball starts to roll down a hill, it gathers mass and strength. Not all that it picks up along the way, is good and not all is bad.

I prefer the original, maybe a high def. All CG type of thing would entertain, and yes I guess I'd watch it. But some things should be left alone really.

  Quickbeam 08:18 11 Jun 2011

The only naff scene in The Dambusters is the back projected image of the water splashing up when the dam goes. If those few seconds were redone with CGI, I'd be happy that nothing more could be improved upon the original.

Stiff upper lips everyone...

  BT 08:45 11 Jun 2011

My wife had a cat when she was young with the name we cannot mention.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:19 11 Jun 2011

Brilliant film

Good job the dog was a black Labrador rather than a Shih Tzu, I wonder what its name might have been then? :0)

  Proclaimer 11:15 11 Jun 2011

Interesting, because I am watching 'The Wire' and every episode uses the word 'Nigger' so I can't see that the USA would ban the use of the word in reference to the Dog since the dog was called Nigger. Granted, in 'The Wire' only the Black Characters use the word but it clearly is not offensive to Blacks amongst themselves, or am I missing something?

  Quickbeam 11:19 11 Jun 2011

"...am I missing something?"

The innocence of the times?

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