Cyclists do they obey the Highway code

  finerty 14:35 11 Apr 2011

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I think there should be fines for cyclists who ride dangerously. Even today as i crossed the road at the zebra crossing with my grand daughter the car on our side stopped. And maybe sentences introduced if they harm, hurt or kill someone. The cyclists are ion in charge of their cycle, not the pedestrians or car drivers.

Yet the a cyclist travelling on the other side didn't just raced through.

  Housten 14:42 11 Apr 2011


  Cymro. 14:43 11 Apr 2011

I am not sure what the law says about cyclist and how they should behave on the roads but yes I do agree very strongly that they should be made to ride their bikes in a safe and legal way. Personally I doubt if the police have the interest or the manpower to do much about it.

  Al94 14:44 11 Apr 2011

Part of Rule 66 states "never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends" Why do cycling clubs think this doesn't apply to them? Regularly see them at least four abreast in huge clumps harder to pass than an articulated lorry. Should be done for obstruction.

  bremner 15:03 11 Apr 2011

Crossing the road at a pelican crossing outside my office, on a main arterial road in London, during the rush hours was most dangerous as cyclist simply ignored the red light and would cycle at speed through the lights.

I saw many pedestrians clipped by these idiots and on several occasions fights.

Hoping that the police will do something about it is fanciful when they are losing many officers and the support staff who would process the paperwork.

  Clapton is God 15:14 11 Apr 2011

"Cyclists" and "Highway Code".

That's a contradiction in terms.

  Nontek 15:20 11 Apr 2011

Due to a recent case of death caused by a cyclist, I believe a new law/offense is going to be introduced - Causing Death by Dangerous Cycling.

  interzone55 17:25 11 Apr 2011

Cycles should have number plates and cyclists be made to pay public liability insurance.

As it stands if you are in a crash caused by a cyclist the repair bill will come out of your car insurance, which is simply wrong...

  aquatarkus 18:19 11 Apr 2011

As a car driver and a cyclist i currently travel 16 miles each way to and from work (Feltham to Woking)by my bike and i must admit that i get extreamly pee'd off with cyclist's who don't obey the highway code or treat it with total disregard.

But i don't think we can just blame cyclists, i regulary see car drivers speeding up to get across lights when they have already changed to amber, even though they were way behind the stop line, not leaving enough room when trying to overtake, pulling out of side roads without looking , overtaking then deciding to turn immediately left.

It's not untill you have ridden a cycle on our roads that you realise just how poor some of the roads are, large potholes, sunken manholes that you have to swerve around etc, even worse when it's been raining and then you can't even see the potholes. It's not all the cyclists fault, car drivers should take a long hard look at how they drive as well, there are good and bad in each.

Regards Aquatarkus

  userious? 18:56 11 Apr 2011

The road from my town is popular with cyclists, so much so the council built a cycle track alongside it of, at least, 4 miles but the cyclists still insist on using the road and causing chaos.

  Forum Editor 19:14 11 Apr 2011

The government - and local authorities - have been encouraging more people to cycle to work, and they've been successful, particularly in cities and towns. Unfortunately not everyone who gets on a bike has even a rudimentary knowledge of road-craft.

Every day of my life in London I see people on bikes who carelessly put themselves and others at risk.

There's no answer to it, short of introducing a licensing and insurance requirement, and that's not likely to happen in a month of Sundays.

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