Cyclists - Are they a danger!

  johndere 19:10 24 Aug 2006

So i stop at a red light as i'm meant to, the cyclist next to me decides it's not for them and rides through as if they dont have a care in the world. Is this right?

  Pidder 19:15 24 Aug 2006

It's the way things are, were you on a bike or driving? Anyway I don't let this sort of thing faze me.

  johndere 19:16 24 Aug 2006

I was in my eco friendly dual fuel astra.

  g0slp 19:19 24 Aug 2006

If we had Traffic Police around instead of GATSOs, SPECS systems etc, then some of these 'cyclists' would get their collars felt.

Are they a danger? YES YES YES

It's about time that the Highway Code was enforced better. Foolhardy cyclists, moronic drivers etc etc...

(walks off muttering & complaining...)

  wee eddie 19:28 24 Aug 2006

Some folk drive over 30 mph in town while I am quietly cycling along.

Others use their mobile phones on round abouts.

One guy in a Black Z3 nearly had me off. He was, not only using his phone, but also eating a Magnum lolly at the same time. The Magnum was in the Steering wheel hand, the other hand held the phone to his ear.

  anskyber 19:45 24 Aug 2006

Try riding a bike on any of our roads now and the answer is very simple. I do not condone the rotten riding done by some of the cycling fraternity, but oh boy, you really need to be a dedicated cyclist to venture out these days.

  namtas 19:52 24 Aug 2006

No of course it is not right, A cyclist is expected to abide by the rules of the road in the same way as a motorist is. And traffic lights apply equaly. If they go through a red light and have an accident they may well find that they are being held resposible and may even have a damage clain to meet. Unfortunetely it is the minority as always who gets the majority a bad name.

  Altruist 20:04 24 Aug 2006

A minority of them are a danger, especially to themselves, as are a minority of motorists who ignore the rules.

  Simsy 20:25 24 Aug 2006

SOME of them do dangerous things, yes.

However, (and I acknowledge I'm being a little extreme here, and slightly devils advocate!), cyclists are allowed on the road with no training/examination.

Motorists are not.

I would suggest therefore that there is slightly more oweness on the driver to take appropriate action because of any untoward action by a cyclist than vice versa...

After all, as a qualified, safe, motorist you are looking out for all other road users right?

I have no doubt that there are far more dangerous car drivers on the roads than there are dangerous cyclists! As a driver you have nothing to fear from a cyclist, even a poor one. If you are an observant driver. The reverse is not true!

(I speak with my anorak on as a 15 year member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, and as a regular cycle commuter, with a 17 mile cycle home from work most days. And I do obey traffic lights!)



  Forum Editor 20:26 24 Aug 2006

She rides her bike from South London to the television centre and back home again every day - all year round. Some of the stories she tells about the way motorists behave towards her are almost unbelievable.

In London at least, we have seen a cycling revolution over the past few years, and if you drive in the city today you're aware that cyclists are everywhere - they're all around you, and you really need to concentrate that little bit harder in heavy traffic. many cyclists seem to take the view that traffic lights don't apply to them, and it iritates me intensely.....but then I'm not a cyclist. I'm sure things look very different when you're on two wheels and vulnerable.

Come to think of it, many motorists appear to have decided that amber lights simply mean "hurry up, get across before the lights go red, and even get across just as they turn red if you think you can make it"

  citadel 21:01 24 Aug 2006

I don't think there are any cyclists who have read the highway code.

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