The cutting edge — 50 years ago

  Jim Thing 09:28 14 Apr 2007

A friend in Oz sent me this photo:[IMG]click here[/IMG]. It shows the IBM 305 RAMAC, which I believe was the world's first computer hard drive; it was introduced in 1956, weighed more than a ton and could store just 5MB of data.

Fifty years later I carry a flash drive on my keyring. It gives me instant access to 1GB of data and cost me £7.99.

Any more examples of the incredible pace of computer development? 11:21 14 Apr 2007

it is scary, the speed things change. They had ibm pets when i was at school, and the school next door envied us because they didnt have computer studies. im 39 by the way

  Kate B 11:29 14 Apr 2007

When I was in Redmond in January we were shown around the small but fun computing museum, where I was amused to see packaging for the boxed version of OS2/Warp, which my dad ran on one of his early home PCs, and a Mac Classic, on which I first learned to lay out pages in the late 1980s.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:01 14 Apr 2007

click here

If you go to the homepage of the site you can also dig up some strangely fascinating stuff, such as

click here

Enjoy (I think?)


  Mr Mistoffelees 13:13 14 Apr 2007
  thms 13:35 14 Apr 2007

What ever happened to these
click here

  jimv7 13:58 14 Apr 2007

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