Cutting back on services and jobs then spend on ph

  Strawballs 12:36 16 Nov 2010

How can cameron justify spending taxpayers money on photographer when he is putting people out of work!! click here

  interzone55 13:01 16 Nov 2010

He can't, which is why he's done a u-turn and sent them both back to work for the Conservative Party instead...

  Strawballs 13:03 16 Nov 2010

It's the party that is doing all the damage to public services.

  interzone55 13:09 16 Nov 2010

You're confusing the the political party and Government.

Cameron took the photographer and camerawoman on as personal staff, so they were working for the Prime Minister, and therefore paid out of public funds.

Quite rightly this has been roundly criticised, so they've gone back to working for the Conservative party, and are now paid out of party funds. And to be totally honest the tories can waste as much of their own money as they like...

  john 52 13:52 16 Nov 2010

fourm member

You are joking I hope ! why does any politician need a photographer .You mention the PR type of activates of his predecessor well I agree with you Tony Blair was just as bad if not worse but I think the thing which highlights it more is that David Cameron is asking the general public to make sacrifices. I just wonder if he has one eye on his memoirs when he leaves office

click here

  interzone55 14:26 16 Nov 2010

And before photography there were the official artists.

  john 52 17:30 16 Nov 2010

You mean like David Cameron holding a long drink (man of the people that's me) and Sam holding the baby (see link)

It was bad enough seeing Tony Blair come out and give a press conference with a mug of tea in his hand no doubt it was a spin doctors idea .

  jakimo 17:49 16 Nov 2010

The photographer is no longer a burden to the tax payer,he is now paid out of Conservative Party funds

  john 52 18:41 16 Nov 2010

And that's how it should always have been !

  jakimo 18:48 16 Nov 2010

I will drink to that

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