Cutbacks at Tesco

  tillybaby 16:28 06 Mar 2009

Thank goodness I'm only a CA and also have other means of income apart from my job at Tesco because I've just heard that lots of area managers, personel managers, the auditors etc. have all lost their jobs.

Whether this is just in the north west or national I have yet to find out but to say I'm shocked is an understatement.

  NewestRoyWidd1 17:06 06 Mar 2009

Here in Leicester,Tesco are currently building an "Express"store just round the corner from me,so maybe it's not as bad as you've heard?

  interzone55 17:12 06 Mar 2009

There's many a company going to use the recession to cut the dead wood, and most of this is found in the ranks of middle management.

During the last recession littlewoods did the same and reduced a system with 29 pay grades from cleaner to MD down to about 13...

  laurie53 21:29 06 Mar 2009

I think any major job losses at Tesco would surely have made the evening news broadcasts.

  crosstrainer 07:52 07 Mar 2009

Strange considering that Tesco have just announced big expansion plans which are to be referred to the Monopolies Commission.

  tillybaby 11:58 07 Mar 2009

I think alan14 has hit the nail on the head when he said they're cutting out the dead wood,

They haven't actually said it's cutbacks but they are doing a 'restructure' where all the middle management jobs are the ones being restructured,

This morning I have spoken to my manager and he's confirmed the above, other than that nobody really knows what's going on.

  wishtobanon 21:58 10 Mar 2009

I heard they are getting rid of loads of AMs and personel.

They are being offered jobs in other formatts or voluntary redundancy.

Wouldnt mind but Tesco arent doing that badly! Express had record sales on Xmas Eve!!

  ronalddonald 22:08 10 Mar 2009

organisations always make cut backs during the recession. Its a typical scenario around every type of corporate organ in the uk. Its a economic decision to save money forget about who loses. Its odd that accountants love to save money during a recession.

  dagnammit 10:49 12 Mar 2009

Too many chiefs...

The same at our place in my opinion. There's a manager of some kind for everything and most of their salaries are 3x the price of a shop floor worker.

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