Customers duped by car-clocking

  peter99co 17:19 31 Mar 2011

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One to watch out for.

Nearly one out of every 39 cars taking an MoT vehicle test have had their mileage altered or "clocked" to show a lower figure.

  ukpostcode 19:10 31 Mar 2011

A well known & now respected local dealer once got caught clocking a car & they got taken to court over it, but they still are getting people who refer to it even after 20+ years!

  Bald Eagle 19:29 31 Mar 2011

I have a 2002 Renault Kangoo in France. The instrument panel was changed years ago at 84k kms. It is now reading 78k kms but is really at 162kms!!!! I asked for paperwork to say it was replaced but was refused "It's not necessary" was the answer. Because this was before it's first CT (French MOT) all the kilometrages refer to the 78k so do the servicing documents! It is digital so no displaced numerals.

  carver 20:13 31 Mar 2011

Sorry but you are mistaken in that belief, digital clocks are even easier to "clock" with the correct equipment you can knock any millage you want of them in about 15 minutes.

I happen to know a company director who has BMW'S on contract with a millage limit of 18000 miles per year.

He clocks over 25000 but even before he goes in for a service the local car electrician pays him a visit and 8000 mile disappears.

There was a programme on TV not long ago showing how easy it was to do, they only showed the mileometer before and after wards but that particular car had 60000 miles wiped in 20 minutes.

  Colin 20:20 31 Mar 2011

carver - that would be picked up by the leasing company pretty quickly. What if the car broke down in between services and was recovered to a dealer? The true mileage would be apparent then. Also, the tyre wear wouldn't match up with what is expected of the car as well as brake pads and other wear and tear items. He might think he’s clever but he's just a crook.

  paddyjack 20:23 31 Mar 2011

Look on YouTube plenty off examples as to how easy it is.

  OTT_B 22:19 31 Mar 2011

Average joe can buy the equipment to clock a car for less than he cost of a basic tool kit. And that precludes going to a scrappy and buying a new cluster for £10 (won't work on all cars - depends where the odometer mileage is stored and security feature put in place to prevent such actions. Even if it does work, DON'T DO IT!!!!!!).

I could tell some stories here about companies that really should behave better, but I won't.

  Dragon_Heart 02:55 01 Apr 2011

Back in Feb' 2000 a Oxford based computer expert Colin Whittall was jailed for nine months for promoting a hi-tech device to 'clock' car mileage readings.
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  carver 08:21 01 Apr 2011

Tyre and brake wear is more dependant on the driving style than what car they are fitted to, one person may get 20000 miles out of a set of tyres, another person 10000, same with brake pads a lot of heavy braking will wear your pads down in half the time.

Just one site click here and just a little extract from their site,

"Most cars are easily calibrated without the need to remove the clock cluster. What's more this process cannot be traced".

It is not actually illegal to alter the millage, it is only illegal "not" to inform a prospective buyer that the millage has been altered.

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