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  Chegs ®™ 01:33 08 Dec 2008

I dont buy items like kitchen appliances new very often,but the gas board engineer found our cooker was leaking so disconnected it from the gas supply & removed the fitting from the supply pipe so we couldnt legally reconnect the fitting ourselves.The following day,my partner went into town and bought a new gas cooker but unfortunately the store said it was going to be two weeks for delivery.I didnt object to one evening meal coming from the microwave but certainly didnt relish the prospect of two weeks worth,so managed to loan a gas cooker and contacted the gas board to have them refit the supply pipes fitting "sorry Chegs,we cant get an engineer to you until 10 days hense" so I refitted the fitting myself and removed it again the evening before the engineer was due.The engineer arrived,refitted the supply pipe fitting and departed again.

On saturday,our new cooker arrived.It was lifted off the van and wheeled into the kitchen and,presuming the delivery guy was going to get his tools and connect up the cooker(the stores website says free delivery & installation)I moved the loaned cooker.A few minutes passed and the delivery guy hadnt returned so I stuck my head out the door just in time to see the van driving off."Oh well,its only undo 1 bayonet fitting & connect the new cookers" I thought,but discovered that the new cooker had no flexible pipe.I did notice though that fixed to the top of the new cooker was a warning notice stating that only qualified people could work on the gas pipes and it was illegal if I did another DIY.My partner phoned the store to enquire what we should do to obtain the missing pipe from the store,only to be told "we havent supplied that flexible pipe with cookers for many years,go buy one from Focus"

As I havent bought a new gas cooker before,I cannot refute the stores claim that they dont supply the pipe but their Terms & Conditions on the website says


Customers buying appliances from us can take advantage of our free local delivery and installation services within ...

We can provide free delivery within the following postcodes:"

so feel they're saying the gas cooker should be usable if its been delivered & installed.

If you found yourself in this situation,what would you do?

  laurie53 07:47 08 Dec 2008

"Installation" only means connection of the bayonet connection if it's already there.

The flexible pipe is never, in my experience, supplied, presumably to stop people trying to fit it themselves.

If you go and buy one to fit yourself you are taking a deliberate decision to breach the law.

Similar situation applies to electric cookers. "Free installation" only applies if a cooker control box is already fitted.

  Chegs ®™ 08:25 08 Dec 2008

"Installation" only means connection of the bayonet connection if it's already there.

The bayonet fitting was there on the end of the gas supply pipe,but the COOKER wasnt fitted with any means to connect to the gas supply.There was NO FLEXIBLE pipe on the back of the cooker.

  natdoor 08:41 08 Dec 2008

Although the fitting is straightforward, it must be rememered that the pipe will contain air. As gas enters when the cooker is switched on an explosive mixture of gas and air will exist until all air is purged from the pipe. Installation must include this process.

  Chegs ®™ 09:03 08 Dec 2008

I intend to call into the shop later today and make enquiries just what exactly the "installation" entails.


If you go and buy one to fit yourself you are taking a deliberate decision to breach the law.

The phonecall to the store on saturday afternoon resulted in us being told "go to focus & buy the pipe" The flexible pipe was just under £13,and came in a poly bag with no instructions or reminder that gas fitting is illegal unless your qualified.


A few years ago(2 or 4,not sure which)we had a new kitchen fitted by the council,they also installed a new central heating system.The various pipes for water & gas(and the cooker electric point)were all rearranged,and we had to open all the windows & doors to clear the air from the gas pipes.The only information given to us by the workmen was "it'll be full of air mate,open the windows and turn on the rings"

  Chegs ®™ 17:33 08 Dec 2008

I was in town today so went back to the store.I was given an appology and £20 to cover the cost of buying the flexible pipe.The delivery man will also be "have a word with..." so all's well.

  laurie53 19:55 08 Dec 2008

Regardless of what you were told by the shop, or apologies received, my understanding is that the fitting of the flexible pipe to the cooker must, repeat must, be fitted by a CORGI registered fitter.

If it is not, the person doing the fitting is committing a criminal offence.

I am open to correction on this, as the law may have changed, but that was always my understanding.

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