This is a customer anouncement.

  lisa02 21:25 22 Dec 2006

We will be closing our tills in order to restock our shelves, this should take no more than 30 minutes.

Tesco is closed for ONE day. People are buying up like a famine is about to hit. I got shoved, nudged and ran into with umpteen trollies!

  dx486 21:26 22 Dec 2006

My local Sainsburys is open on Christmas day!

  BT 08:30 23 Dec 2006

We went to Tesco here in Norwich on Thursday morning and circled the car park 3 times before we got a space.

As for what people are buying, it beggars belief, one woman with a large trolley load had 5 large pieces of Stilton as well as about 3 of everything else - what do they do with it all!

As Lisa02 says the shops are only shut for 1 day. I sometimes wonder how people managed not so long ago when there was no Sunday opening and shops were sometimes shut for 3 or 4 days over Christmas.

  Al94 09:16 23 Dec 2006

My wife left for Tesco & M&S at 06.45 - not back yet and its 5 mins away!

  Chris the Ancient 14:17 23 Dec 2006

I went to my local Tescos this morning - not too early, not too late (OK, about 9:15) to hopefully miss the worst of the crowds? Cripes it was scary!

As I was going in the automatic doors, there was a woman dragging out three very heaped trolleys-full. Did she really need that much stuff? It was quite busy in the store and quite a few essentials were low on stock (especially toilet rolls!).

Chatting to the check-out girl, I said it must going to be mayhem this afternoon and she said that first thing this morning (whenever that was) was pretty bad.

My mind went back to a few Christmases ago where a woman was paying for her Christmas shopping, and when she got the bill (about 1.5 metres of it) she remarked that she could buy a holiday for that!

How the heck does anyone need all that stuff? The store will be open again in a few days. I would *not* like to see the inside of their fridges and freezers. I can't see how anyone needs that much food for a maximum of four days - even if they have family coming.

I'm looking forward to sanity (no, not Santa) returning!

  lisa02 14:54 23 Dec 2006

Al94 is she back yet?

Tesco is closed for 1 day, they're open on Boxing Day.

M&S is closed Xmas day and Boxing day.

  Jackcoms 15:02 23 Dec 2006

Is your wife back yet?

  spikeychris 15:14 23 Dec 2006

Tesco delivered Christmas to the spikeychris residence last night, all in neat little boxes. God bless 'em.

  €dstowe 15:19 23 Dec 2006

lisa, I had an email from M&S yesterday saying some of their stores were open on the 26th.

As for excessive purchases of toilet rolls in Chris' post, that's probably in anticipation of inability of huge numbers of people to follow packet instructions and then fail to cook the turkey properly. I remember as a student being invited to the flat of the girl who lived downstairs for a Christmas dinner. The turkey was brought to the table all nicely browned and I was asked to carve. About a centimetre below the brown surface the unfortunate bird was still frozen solid.

  lisa02 15:23 23 Dec 2006

Thanks Edstowe, I assumed that from the notice on ours (Newtownabbey).

  jack 15:24 23 Dec 2006

I live but 10 mins away from Blue-Water. The new fast track service runs from the end of my road.
I could even walk there in 15 minutes using the back path- But if I go three times a year that is a lot.
Except for this year- I have been 3 times since Thursday.
1st to get a book a daughter asked for but was unsure of the title.
2nd to return said book because wrong title and to order the correct one. I was warned , 'Ddoubt if it will be in before the holiday'- as expected of course.
This morning -less than 24hours -it is in- So oft I went a again- as the bus descended to the pit I could see every one on the many car parks were ram jam full- getting in there -it was busy yes, but surprisingly comfortable

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