In current times what worries you most?

  DANZIG 23:09 17 Feb 2009

Theres been a few comments recently on various threads in the vein of 'there should be bigger things to worry about', which got me thinking what DOES worry people???

Ones I'd guess at (ie mine) are..

+ will I still have a job by the end of the week
+ will my mortgage still stay at an acceptable level
+ will I remain as healthy(ish) as I am at the moment
+ will I still be happy this time next year

  Jim Thing 23:29 17 Feb 2009

What's worrying me right now is: can I resolve a tiff between two members of my family before my 80th birthday dinner in a couple of weeks time. At the moment A is saying "If B's going, I'm not."

  laurie53 07:06 18 Feb 2009

Will the much reduced return on my ISA make up the shortfall on my endowment?

  Kevscar1 07:31 18 Feb 2009

Is the specialist going to say tomorrow that I have to have an operation which could see me unable to work for what could be as long as 4 months

  newman35 08:19 18 Feb 2009

Main worry is about the future health of all the grandkids, nothing is as important as that. Then, next...
If, as looks likely, we are in for 'quantitative easing', how can I best protect my assets so that the kids/grandkids will still have something useful left.

  Pine Man 08:26 18 Feb 2009

Our Sainsburys is closed for a week for re-fitting.

  carver 08:55 18 Feb 2009

After watching a friends 19 year old son under go 6 operations in one week, losing over 50% of his bowel in the process,nearly dying,he's now lost over 30% of his body weight because he can no longer eat, 3 months later he is still waiting for the wound to heal.

He will still have to wait another 6 months before they can see ifs it possible to repair the damage, all because a doctor wouldn't take his stomach pain seriously.

Last year another close friend lost her 21 year old daughter very suddenly and she is still waiting for the inquest to take place.

Any problems I might have just don't seem to matter when I look at them.

  Picklefactory 09:40 18 Feb 2009

Just need to read posts above. Without good health, all else becomes meaningless. Jobs, money and even Sainsburys ;-) are all important, but health relates to pure survival, without a job or the money we have become accustomed too, we would still survive, allbeit in manner to which we may not be accustomed, but we would still be here to live, laugh, cry etc.
For me simply good health, the rest is all a bonus.

  Bingalau 09:53 18 Feb 2009

Picklefactory. You are dead right. There is always someone worse off than you. It's a case of counting your blessings. Maybe trying to help the people worse off than yourself, would also help you.

  Chris the Ancient 12:48 18 Feb 2009

For me it is the state of some of the (small) pensions that are due to mature when I (officially) retire later this year. Their value has rocketed down like a grand piano out of the top floor.

As I shall still be working - because I'm self-employed - it isn't too serious... At the moment. But what about when I decide that I don't want to work any more?

  rickf 14:40 18 Feb 2009

Not being able to sell my house in a year's time as I am nearing retirement and need to downsize.

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