Current Poll - Electronic voting!

  Djohn 17:04 20 Sep 2004

Interesting question as are the answers so far. I voted yes, in fact last year we voted in our local elections over the net for the first time.

It was a trial running here in Norwich and I believe it was very successful. Easy to do, no need for either of us to leave home and took only a couple of minutes for both of us to vote.

Would like to see the same facility in all elections including the General election.

  Valvegrid 17:50 20 Sep 2004

Does make life easy, doesn't it? I did a similar thing with the electoral register a couple of months ago to confirm the family's details.

Hopefully it'll make a greater turn-out by voting on line, otherwise we are in danger of getting the government we deserve through shear apathy, if you know what I mean?

  €dstowe 18:33 20 Sep 2004

It might reduce voter apathy. At the recent European election, my father went to vote at just after mid-day and found out he was the first one to vote at his polling station.

  Friday's Child 18:40 20 Sep 2004

I agree that it is easier but, given the 'phishing' which we know occurs and the amount of trouble that was reported with the postal voting (people being coerced etc.) do you really think that it is safe?

We all know that people should not give their details in response to 'phishers' but they do. What will happen if people do so and then find that someone has already voted using the information that they have supplied when they attempt to cast their vote?

I agree that it should increase the turnout, which is very desirable and that voting at polling stations is also subject to fraud (although using something more than the voting card sent to you to 'prove' your identity could reduce that) but do you not think that we should make absolutely sure that any other method is safer before putting it into general use?

  oresome 19:23 20 Sep 2004

If you can be bothered to walk to the polling station, come rain or shine and cast your vote, it does demonstrate that you take some interest in democracy.

I'm not sure that the same thought process will occur with electronic voting and the outcome may be the result of a more frivolous voting pattern.

I take the same view with letters of complaint and believe that more importance is attached to a posted letter, rather than an email.

  Simon_P 02:37 21 Sep 2004

TV stereo/remote!


Tosco’s online etc (no need to go shopping)

Now online voting!

What comes next?

Whilst I appreciate the convenience of voting online, less and less of us get enough fresh air and exercise.

Maybe soon there will be webcams at the gym so we can have a virtual workout!

On a serious note I agree with oresome, and may encourage oh I will just click this button because I can rather than a logical choice.

Just my humble and cynical opinion

  Simon_P 02:39 21 Sep 2004

Oops Tescos

  €dstowe 06:42 21 Sep 2004

- - - - and the world gets more and more obese.

  User-312386 08:36 21 Sep 2004

Good debate

I don't think that EV is a good idea as i honestly believe that someone may "hack in" and alter the votes

  Friday's Child 09:20 21 Sep 2004

As madboy33©® says - good debate.


I agree with what you say about people not thinking before voting but they will surely have had to register to vote electronically won't they because not everyone has the net. At least I hope we will have to register rather than have it forced on the voters like the postal voting.

If something is not done soon, we could end up with the Australian system where the law says that you have to turn out to vote or be prosecuted which is an ideal way to get people to just tick any box or the French system where they have a second vote for the two highest scorers if noone gets 50%.

But as madboy33©® and I said, I think that we do need to make sure it is safer before using it for everything.

  Simon_P 12:13 21 Sep 2004

If you have to register, you have to give details. Not sure how this wil be done, I guess everyone will have a key code, but it has to be anonymous.

Voting = Anonymous

I would rather go put my x in the box

Security I guess will be encrypted like online payment https ?

Is anything 100% secure? I don’t think so.

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