Curling Season over - I'm back!

  wee eddie 21:30 09 Apr 2006

Scotland just won the Worlds at Lowell in the US of A.

  rmcqua 21:51 09 Apr 2006

Ah, lovely Lowell! Just down the road from where I used to live and, if I remember correctly, home of Mr.Wang of Wang Computers fame.
Welcome back. Hope the back isn't hurting too much.

  ade.h 22:32 09 Apr 2006

Hope you had an ice time. ;o)

  wolfie3000 01:47 10 Apr 2006

Welcome back Wee eddie.

  wiz-king 06:04 10 Apr 2006

bring back the weather! It's snowing this morning down here in the 'sunny south' of London!

  Sapins 09:42 10 Apr 2006

Seems a long way to go to get your hair done;-)

  ade.h 15:37 10 Apr 2006


  wee eddie 16:25 10 Apr 2006

When you're as notable as I, a quick trip across the pond for a "do", is a mere bagatelle!

  Sapins 09:16 11 Apr 2006

Yes sir, your Curlingship, tugs forelock to the ground, sorry oh notable one:-(

  wee eddie 09:25 11 Apr 2006

Good to see that your on form

  Forum Editor 20:04 12 Apr 2006

when we both have nothing better to do, I'm going to ask you to teach me how to curl (if that's the right way to say it).

I think I might have the makings of a champion - after all, it's ridiculously easy to do isn't it? I would probably pick it up in about half an hour.

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