Cure for Baldness!

  charmingman 21:42 02 Jun 2008

Well ive luckly never suffered with it but my father lost the lot by time he was 24 so i was taunted for years...anyway its nice to see there almost there..

click here

  Blackhat 23:07 02 Jun 2008

That’s the last thing I want. I give myself a No 1 trim every few weeks and I wish I would go naturally bald. I hate having to tend to my hair I would rather do without.

I know there are pitfalls as a few of my friends are bald and complain about banging their heads as you don’t get any warning from initial hair contact, also sun burn can be a problem.

When I was in 20’s I had hair down to my waist line, I look back in horror but times change.

Is there a non harmful (painless) permanent cure for hair.

  newman35 23:09 02 Jun 2008

Dad got Mother to paint rabbits all over his head - from a distance they looked like.....
The old uns are the best!!

  Forum Editor 23:15 02 Jun 2008

has surely got to be one of the least flattering aspects of our current society. Young men with shaved heads all end up looking like thugs, and slightly older men who do it just look silly - a bit like those men who are bald on top, and cultivate a ponytail with what's left, or those ageing hippy types who walk around with long wispy bits of hair wafting around their otherwise bald heads.

  Dragon_Heart 23:19 02 Jun 2008

You know what they say "hair today gone tomorrow"

"Remember, you told me to rub in the hair restored twice a day!"
"Yes. And did it work?"
"Not exactly. My heads still bald but I have to shave my hands every day!"

Customer: What do you have for grey hair?
Barber: The greatest respect sir!

Customer: How do I get a hair cut?
Barber: Try flossing with dred locks!

Customer: Now I've started to loose my hair the haircuts ought to be cheaper.
Barber: On the contrary, sir! It takes me longer to find them!

Customer: I'd like to grow my hair!
Barber: And how would you stop it?

Customer: How do I avoid falling hair?
Barber: I should jump out of the way!

Customer: What do you think of my new toupee?
Barber: I couldn't tell it from a wig, sir!

Customer: I've got lovely black hair running down my back!?
Barber: Pity its not on your head then!

Customer: Have you got anything to keep my hair in?
Barber: How about a shoe box?!

Barber: How would you like your hair cut sir?
Customer: Off?

Barber: Your hair's getting thinner!
Customer: Well who wants fat hair?

Barber: (holding up mirror) How do you like your hair cut sir?
Customer: Could you make it a bit longer at the back?

  Dragon_Heart 23:25 02 Jun 2008

I know I am getting old .......... when waiting in a shopping Q a couple of young lads were talking about another customer with a large bald patch on top. I jumped into the conversation with "He could always do a Bobby Charlton". The lads looked at me with somewhat bewildered expressions and said "who ?" To make things worse they were both wearing Man United T shirts !

  Dragon_Heart 23:27 02 Jun 2008

They always used to say if you were grey you did not go bald .... it's a lie

  Dragon_Heart 23:33 02 Jun 2008

" Premature baldness could soon be assigned to history after scientists have pioneered a treatment to clone hair. "

click here


Who would you like to have donor hair from ?

You would have to be very sure from who & where it was donated from ?

  Totally-braindead 23:34 02 Jun 2008

Cure for baldness - don't have any kids.

  birdface 23:53 02 Jun 2008

Grow old gracefully.If the new curly hair does not give your age away I am sure the pot belly will.

  belfman 00:51 03 Jun 2008

I'm already going grey aged 25 :(

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