Cumbrian floods

  Quickbeam 11:35 22 Nov 2009

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I think most areas of the country have had freak floods at some time or another, but the recent Cumbrian floods are quite unprecedented in washing out 6 bridges, and leaving several others closed pending inspection.

This will have a major effect on industry in the area until they are replaced.

  peter99co 12:18 22 Nov 2009

I think an 18 mile detour to get to work may prove a problem for many.

  Chegs ®™ 12:23 22 Nov 2009

On the radio(local)its saying only 4 bridges are destroyed or too unsafe for traffic.I live just a few miles from Workinton and although it has rained lots,I can get around to shop,etc.I do pity those in Workington and surrounding areas as it means a 90 mile journey to get to a supermarket for food.The supermarket is only a mile journey normally.

  sunnystaines 12:41 22 Nov 2009

looks like the bridge in Workington may be a write off

  Quickbeam 14:17 22 Nov 2009

The local paper reports that they expect it to give way anytime click here

A map of the closed bridges click here I don't think anything as drastic as this have ever happened before.

  Chegs ®™ 16:26 22 Nov 2009

Why do people not understand the danger they place themselves in? I have just seen a News report of an interview with a policeman who was pleading for people to cease wandering across the fields towards the affected bridges.Lastnight on the local news there was an interview with a resident in Cockermouth and in the background I could see scores of people heading towards the riverside.My earlier post was via my mobile phone while I waited for my GF returning with the shopping,the road to town has flooded once again,requiring a degree of care to drive through which is not being displayed by others as I was overtaken as I drove through it.

My daughter was informed not to attend school on friday as several teachers are residents of Workington & a couple more are commuting in from Keswick,as the majority of the roads have a closure notice on them somewhere.There was also a traffic report from a motorist stuck in a jam on the A66,true this road is extremely busy but she was saying that traffic was backed up from Workington to Cockermouth as people were trying to get to Cockermouth to watch the floods instead of heeding the advice given to only make essential journeys.

  peter99co 23:11 22 Nov 2009

A shop owner has complained they did not have enough warning about the flooding. Can this be true? I thought the Weather forecast would have made people look to river conditions and made some preparations. It was a once in a thousand year event and hindsight is wonderful but we knew floods were possible surely.

  Spark6 23:55 22 Nov 2009

As you say, hindsight is wonderful, would you mind justifying this comment. Or is it that you feel compelled to say something!

To my mind, if you can't say something constructive or sympathetic in these circumstances, it is better not to comment. My thoughts are with the people who are suffering from this disaster. How they are going to cope, especially with the 'festive' season upon us, I do not pretend to know.

  Chegs ®™ 00:39 23 Nov 2009

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I was informed in a PCA Helproom post on Tuesday about the incoming storms so the shop owner must never listen to the News on the radio or TV,and knowing that it was likely to be stormy wouldnt have done them the slightest good as it is not possible to defend against such ferocious rainfall in just a few days.

I have also been having a look at possible means for the "isolated" areas to reach Workington(via google earth)if the Calva bridge does collapse or is so badly damaged its unusable.There is a railway line runs up & down the coast,and no mention has been made as to its bridge condition by any of the reporters "on scene" Once the river has dropped,this bridge can be used by commuters & shoppers.There is a railway station about 2 miles north of the bridge that collapsed killing the police officer.

  Quickbeam 08:42 23 Nov 2009

If the railway bridge is the only usable one without a 90 mile detour to get to work, they're going to have to run a constant shuttle service until a new road bridge is built, otherwise the town will be severely hampered both socially and financially.

I would imagine that a Bailey Bridge would have to be put up as soon as practicable, to get light traffic on the move.

  Input Overload 08:55 23 Nov 2009

There is a strong possibility accordng to the Met Office of another 100mm or 4" of rain hitting Cumbria on Tues - Wednesday, if this does happen things will get even worse.

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