Cube, What an amazing find,

  wolfie3000 02:20 04 Oct 2007

Just got back from my mates, and discovered one of the best films iv seen for years,


click here_(film)

I had to admit i was skeptical when my mate said wanna watch a budget Canadian sci-fi film, but boy was i wrong.

He also lent me Cube 2:Hypercube and Cube Zero,
SO i will be watching them with the girlfriend at the weekend.

Im really looking forward to seeing the next 2 in the series, The writing in the first film was just mind blowing,

if you like films like 2001 a space oddessy you will love Cube.

So anyone else discovered any celluloid gems in the past from odd sources?

  wolfie3000 02:27 04 Oct 2007

Oops bad URL,

click here

  Dizzy Bob 09:46 04 Oct 2007


There are two follow up films, cube2, and cube zero which interlink.


  Dizzy Bob 09:46 04 Oct 2007

Sorry, just reread your post and seen them!!



  mrwoowoo 20:23 04 Oct 2007

wOW! you really know how to treat a girl.(o:!

  wolfie3000 00:14 05 Oct 2007


Well i guess i just havent neard of the films as they werent big hits.


lol my girlfriend was more into the films than me and i love them, shes a sci-fi nut, thats why we get on so well.

  mrwoowoo 01:50 05 Oct 2007

Turning green as i type.
Wish my other half was a sci-fi nut.Perhaps that's why we don't get on so well.(O:!

  Strawballs 18:38 05 Oct 2007

First one good film (certainly made you think) couldn't get on with second did watch it till the end and didn't bother with the third

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