Crystal Skulls

  Seth Haniel 10:10 20 May 2008

with the new Indiana Jones film rapidly approaching and its theme the Crystal Skull
I have dedicated a page on my website to (exploit) I mean show some Crystal Skulls
and wrote a poem too ;)

click here

  Seth Haniel 11:19 21 May 2008

the fever hasn't hit the Forum yet !!! ;)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:48 22 May 2008
  belfman 23:10 22 May 2008

I quite liked the SG-1 one episode with Crystal Skulls and I'm lloking forward to see Indiana in action again. Much like I enjoyed the Rambo film as it sort of put me back in my childhood for an an hour and half or whatever. I still enjoy the Goonies when it's televised and watched it with my daughetr not so long ago.

...Big kid really.

  belfman 23:11 22 May 2008

Sorry for the typos my PC is slowing up for some reason.

  Seth Haniel 08:22 23 May 2008

Waiting for those same 'Scientists' to say that the Pyramids of Egypt are modern fakes, as they did not have the technology to make them way back then.
Fraid their findings don't impress me.

  Seth Haniel 09:39 23 May 2008

To quote the scientist involved:_
Professor Freestone said the work did not prove all crystal skulls were fakes, but it did cast doubt on the authenticity of other examples

and if you read the aricle it contradicts itself 'as most scientific articles do'

fraid the scientists are the ones with their heads in the sand

  johndrew 09:48 23 May 2008

From the photos I`ve seen these skulls appear beautifully made. If they are prehistoric then the manufacturing process of such a hard and brittle material is nothing less than amazing. If they are `modern` then it would be interesting to know exactly how they were made as many machine tools would have caused fracturing.

I am unable to comment on the more exotic suggestions as to their purpose - that they are repositories of information - but as artifacts or art the do justice to their manufacturers` craft.

  Seth Haniel 12:52 23 May 2008

'HE' hasn't conducted tests on all - just a little bit of reading on the subject will show that there has been an awful lot of 'scientific' testing over the years on these Skulls - and that is a part of the whole mystery to 'Science' that there are no tell tale signs of tools being used in the creation of the Skulls.

and add to the equation that Science is 'blind to change'
yep to see them as the true work of art they really are, especially the Mitchell-Hedges and British Museum Skulls

  Forum Editor 14:14 23 May 2008

that anyone ever thought they were the work of ancient civilisations.

  Scorpion Bay 15:54 23 May 2008

There must have been something about the skulls to begin with. After all, someone must have come up with the whole Mayan connetion; world ending on (December 12 2012 to you and me) and the involvement of the skulls in this. Even if these ones are fake, that's not to say that the skulls existed in some form at some time.

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