Crystal Meth Extradition.

  morddwyd 07:20 12 Aug 2011

A couple face extradition to the US for supplying chemicals, the export of which is legal under UK law, but illegal in the US.

While their moral values might be a bit iffy, should they really be extradited?

Would a US gun dealer be extradited if the positions were reversed?

  wiz-king 08:11 12 Aug 2011

You had me worried there! I thought you were having trouble with your latest batch.grin

  wiz-king 08:17 12 Aug 2011

Any one who has an exporting business needs to know the regulations of the company they are exporting to. If they deliberately flouted the law in the USA then they should be extradited for trial - thats the point of extradition hearings.

  wiz-king 08:38 12 Aug 2011

Doh company should read country

  Aitchbee 09:46 12 Aug 2011

My gut-feeling is that they knew that what they were doing was intrisically wrong.But I think they will win their 'case'. If,owning or selling a particular element of the 'Periodic Table', namely Phosphorus or Iodine, becomes a crime, then we are heading back to the Dark Ages.

  wiz-king 09:53 12 Aug 2011

AitchBEE Can I order a couple of Kgs of plutonium them? I hear it makes good sparklers.

  interzone55 09:59 12 Aug 2011


I think you'll find there's quite a few bits of the periodic table we're not allowed to own or sell - various isotopes of Plutonium, Uranium, Caesium etc are not ideal ornaments for the mantlepiece

  interzone55 10:06 12 Aug 2011

Import Export

It really is the responsibility of anyone exporting goods to ensure they are legal in the country they're being sent to.

There's a huge list of commodity codes available, which helps export agents calculate duty for the destination country, and also informs you of any legal restrictions

In my industry we have to be very careful, as the sale of certain security products is restricted to some countries in the Middle East and Africa. Import of some goods from the States is also restricted. The technology underpinning thermal cameras, as used by the police and fire brigade, is heavily restricted. Some products are freely available, but the higher sensitivity sensors are licensed and only available for sale to certain customers, which is a pain as these cameras are becoming increasingly popular for farm and estate surveillance as they're very useful as they can distinguish a person / animal / car at huge distances and raise alarms...

  Aitchbee 10:57 12 Aug 2011

wiz-king - As someone who did a degree in Chemistry at Strathclyde University - Plutonium sparklers don't pass the fireworks safety standard.

alan14 - Who 'legally' owns these isotopes of Plutonium, Uranium and Caesium? mmmm! I wonder.

  WhiteTruckMan 15:05 12 Aug 2011

Speaking of radioactive substances wasnt someone arrested recently (not in this country, but only going off memory) for doing something with radioactves that he bought off ebay?

On another note, I think there is more than a whiff of double standards here given government arms and materiel sales to regimes of questionable standing.

I might add that I don't condone either.


  johndrew 16:45 12 Aug 2011

Many things differ legally between countries. It must be the responsibility of the person that orders the item (regardless of what) to ensure it is a legal order in the country concerned.

A similar example to this may be ordering what are prescription only drugs in the UK from a country where they are freely available without prescription. The seller is committing no offence but the buyer may be unless an authorised agent for them.

About time our cousins across the herring pond realised that not all countries operate their legal system or restrictions. Additionally as they would refuse an extradition of one of their nationals to the UK in similar circumstances perhaps we should apply the same rule.

Having said the above if the individuals are known for not complying with UK law perhaps a short sharp shock would aid their future compliance!!

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