crysis... the honest review

  mrwoowoo 20:19 03 Jan 2008

After reading all the hype and reviews which all gave the said game a rating of between 85 to 90%,i decided to play it.
I agree with the review scores until about the last 20% of the game.At this point you feel as if you are just going through the motions of getting to the end of the game for the sake of finishing it.
Two levels in particular seem to be so rushed that they just seem to have taken the fastest and easiest way they could of placing graphics into a game.
You find yourself floating around in a non descript cave complex with textures and art work that a ten year old could pull off.Enemies are just blue semi transparent alien shapes that again a ten year old with a crayon could achieve.
After this awful tedium(gameplay sucks as well)we are treated to piloting an aircraft in 1st person mode with dodgey hazy graphics and silly flying alien shapes that again seem very rushed and chucked together.
The end of the game totally ruins the hard work put in on the amazing graphics and game play that came at you enmass as you explored the lush jungle with it's living breathing foliage.
In my opinion it would be better to have a shorter game than to ruin it with a desperate rush job just to get it out pre christmas.
If the last few levels were the standard set throughout the game then no one would have bought it,which begs the question,did any of the reviewers actually play the game to the end?
It certainly left me with a sour aftertaste of what promised to be a fantastic game.
Main game 9/10
Last few levels 5/10
Overall 7.5/10

  citadel 20:56 03 Jan 2008

I enjoyed the game, I hardly used the stealth mode preferring to shoot everything. I played it on hard and thought it was pretty tough.

  realist 21:35 03 Jan 2008

I tried the demo.
Deleting it from my pc was the most satisfying part of the overall experience.

  skeletal 21:46 03 Jan 2008

I agree mrwoowoo. I think it is a game of two halves: the jungle parts and the inside of the mountain part. The jungle was excellent, but I started to get annoyed when you had to kill the general. He does not have any head protection and I managed to get six direct hits to his face/head with the sniper rifle (in fact, due to a glitch in the graphics, I could see a sort of hole in his face!). He then ran around a bit and killed me. It took about 300 shots from a machine gun to kill him. Not, very realistic IMHO!

Then, as you say, there was the strange floating around stuff. IMO, it then got a bit better through the snowy areas and back to the jungle again.

But the end boss and that TAC gun was dreadful. I could not get it to work and spent some time in the Crysis forum trying to see what to do (a common problem looking at the threads in that forum). In the end, I had to reload an earlier stage and discovered I had done everything correctly as I finished the game with no problem second time round. There is clearly a bug in this part (and other part as well, according to the forum, but luckily they did not affect me).

The other well documented issue is, of course, the low frame rates even with uber graphics cards. I ran at high with 8xAA and got around 23 fps (8800GTX) on XP, the same under Vista was about 13 fps (IIRC, definitely a lot slower). However, I am playing it again using a custom file (from the forum) that mimics most of the DX10 settings in DX9 so I don’t get the Vista/DX10 performance hit.


  Starfox 22:08 03 Jan 2008

Could not have put it better myself mrwoowoo. I thought the game started out great with much promise but got sillier as it got to the end. Finished the game in just 3 sessions so I thought it was too easy.

It just seems as if they either ran out of ideas or rushed the ending!

Still a decent game though imho.

  mrwoowoo 22:24 03 Jan 2008

Playing fear perseus mandate now.Slightly lower in the ratings but an excellent(and quite creepy) game.
Personally think it's a better game(love it when you shoot someone in the foot and they hobble about).Ace graphics and sound too.

  Devil Fish 00:40 04 Jan 2008

i have played the demo and was looking at it as a possible purchase but may hang out for far cry 2

  Starfox 16:24 04 Jan 2008

Just finished Fear perseus mandate and that is a great game, far better than Crysis in my opinion.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:44 04 Jan 2008

Far Cry was (still is)my favourite FPS and the build up hype for Crysis was immense, just goes to show that no matter how good a game looks, if the storyline is a bit weak you've got a Turkey. It just left me feeling absolutely no desire to play it again (I started then stopped almost straight away)
It was a demonstration that game developers can do wonderful things now, but this must take a lot of time and money and I guess Crytek ran out of both.

  Marko797 22:50 04 Jan 2008

with Starfox - Perseus Mandate was superb for an expansion. Certainly had the hairs standing on end in places!
When u get to the end, there are 3 levels as bonus levels, and there's no 'save' facility.

Far Cry was also superb & never managed to finish it.

  Devil Fish 23:02 04 Jan 2008

i agree far was superb and i did manage to complete it though the final level tested my patients to the limit took about 10 attempts if i remember rightly

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