Cryptic crossword anyone?

  Pidder 10:33 29 Nov 2006

Yesterday's cryptic crossword in our local paper had me stumped with one clue. "The Bees have 22 of them on the field!" The answer today was "knees". I've heard of "bees knees" but don't see the connection with the clue. Anyone?

  Kate B 10:41 29 Nov 2006

Presumably it's referring to the number of knees in a football team?

  tommy vercetti 10:44 29 Nov 2006

Yeah Kate is right - "The Bees" is the nickname for Brentford Football Club

  Pidder 10:47 29 Nov 2006

Thanks both, I didn't know about Brentford FC. You need to have a very wide fount of knowledge for these cryptic clues.

  Kate B 10:52 29 Nov 2006

I didn't know about Brentford, either. The combined knowledge of PCA members is a pretty awe-inspiring force.

  anchor 12:33 29 Nov 2006

I have no interest whatsoever in Football, but do know some of the nicknames. Gunners for Arsenal, Hammers for West Ham, Hatters for Luton, (they used to make straw hats in Luton).

I also know that The Bees are Brentford, only because I used to work for a company less than half a mile from their ground.

Pidder: My wife and I are crossword fans too, and clues referring to football clubs often come up.

  tommy vercetti 15:56 29 Nov 2006

For a full list of football club nicknames,

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:58 29 Nov 2006

'You need to have a very wide fount of knowledge for these cryptic clues'...that's the point of cryptic clues. ;-))))))


  Pidder 18:28 29 Nov 2006

I take your point, always thought the word "cryptic" merely implied "coded", obviously a wider meaning.

  anchor 11:09 30 Nov 2006

Pidder: Chambers dictionary definition:

"cryptic" adj 1 puzzling, mysterious, obscure or enigmatic. 2 secret or hidden. 3 said of a crossword puzzle: with clues in the form of riddles, puns, anagrams, etc, rather than synonyms. cryptically adverb.

ETYMOLOGY: 17c: from Greek kryptikos, from kryptein to hide.

I hope that you enjoy your puzzles as much as we do. We subscribe to both the Times & Telegraph on-line crosswords. Our daily challenge!.

  Pidder 18:53 30 Nov 2006

Thanks for yours. I wouldn't dare to emulate Morse! Our local paper's puzzle is enough for me.

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