The Cristmas Story

  Terry Brown 14:00 20 Dec 2010

I was involved in a discussion group, a few days ago, and the debate was (Naturally) about ' What does Christmas represent to you'

Some of the questions asked were:

Joseph and Mary was engaged to be married when they had Jesus, Did they ever get married?

In the Lords prayer, it is always OUR Father, Did Mary & Joseph (or another partner) have more children, as would have been natural, If not - Why not ?

  Quickbeam 14:07 20 Dec 2010

Well it is the time of the year to think deep, philosophical and ecclesiastical thoughts as you contemplate the meaning of life... which incidentally is 46.

  wellshgit 14:22 20 Dec 2010

Who cares? It's only a fairy story anyway.

  jakimo 15:44 20 Dec 2010

Terry Brown..
It has been claimed that Jesus had brothers and sisters, but any records were suppressed by the Jews.

wellshgit... You got your name right,if nothing else

  BT 17:16 20 Dec 2010

I thought it was 42!

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  BT 17:19 20 Dec 2010

I thought it was 42!

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  PalaeoBill 17:28 20 Dec 2010

Mary was devoted to a life of service to the lord at temple and took a vow of perpetual virginity. As was common with a 'virgin of the lord' she was assigned a protector to be her spouse. This was typically an elderly man who already had children and was duty bound to respect her vow. In Mary's case it was Joseph who was described as an old man whilst Mary was described as a young woman. He had children, Mary only had Jesus.

When Mary was found to be pregnant with Jesus she was engaged to Joseph. It wasn't just her life that was in danger, as the guardian of a virgin, Joseph would have been in serious trouble if he had been found to have defiled a virgin of the lord. The temple authorities were not daft and I imagine they were pretty thorough in their investigations. That the concept of the virgin birth was accepted and Joseph and Mary were not put to death adds a great deal to the picture. Joseph and Mary did later marry and there are no records to suggest she didn't maintain her vow of virginity. The mention of 'bretheren' in the bible relates to step-brothers, step-sisters and cousins of Jesus.

This isn't a fairy story, it is a matter of recorded history with multiple corroborating sources. If you want to know more can I suggest you start with the first gospel (protoevangelium), written around AD 120.

For the record, I am an atheist. The evidence doesn't prove that there is a supernatural creator, or that Jesus was the son of that creator.

  Armchair 19:06 20 Dec 2010

Hmmmm, righto.

  wee eddie 19:23 20 Dec 2010

Within the Vatican Library there are several other Gospels, which have not been used in the Bible which is used by us, the laity.

One of them refers to JC's Siblings, in the plural, and had several stories of his miraculous childhood. I think that it was Lord Clark who fronted the TV program about the unpublished Gospels, I seem to remember that he said that there were both brothers and sisters.

Lord Clark is a Catholic of unimpeachable heritage.

  morddwyd 19:52 20 Dec 2010

I'm afraid no Roman Catholic is unimpeachable as far as biblical history is concerned.

There are numerous cases of that church (and others) manipulating such as there are to suit the image of the church.

  wee eddie 20:55 20 Dec 2010

Just so, I was full of admiration that a man of his unimpeachable heritage could expose this hiding of, I think that it is 5, or maybe 7, other Gospels. All vouched for in much the same way as the ones we are familiar with.

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