Criminals lure migrants to UK for benefit fraud

  peter99co 20:29 06 Mar 2011

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Extract from the article

Back in 2004, when eight countries, including Poland, joined the European Union, the then Labour government permitted citizens of these accession countries to work in Britain - a concession not granted by all western European countries.

In turn, these new migrant workers could apply for benefits made available to people in employment, such as tax credits. Last week, it was announced that from May, migrants from the eight countries which joined the EU in 2004 will be able to claim full benefits in the UK for the first time.

"HMRC has been given £900m to crack down on them.

Mind boggling stuff!

  Devil Fish 21:10 06 Mar 2011

the mind does boggle

(figures are close but not exact)

Eu migrant comes and takes a low paid job say 13k a year

say he/she has a spouse and 2 children out of the wages he /she earns will pay about £120 a month tax while claiming full working tax credit. Around £30 a week and Child tax credit around £90 a week total £120 a week.

Net result the uk is effectivly paying them £360 a month out of tax payers money to come and work here

as i said the figures are not exact but they are not far off the mark

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