Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)

  tein 11:11 12 Oct 2009

Four Weeks ago i sat a excellent Interview! for a job that needs a CRB check (Police Check for your background) i have been unemployed for some time & i am claiming JSA & Help towards my rent! i was offered the position BUT not a start date until they recived the "All Clear" from the CRB! which in the nature of this job is fully understandable!

Ive enquired this morning some "Three & a half weeks later"! if they have recived the certificate & i am horrified to find out it could take another 2 & a half more.? In this time i am having to claim MORE JSA & MORE rent!? isnt there a way the goverment/police could speed this up for all parties involved.? the company want me to start ASAP! "I" want to start ASAP! & its less money taken from the goverments pocket.? why all the fuss & wait.? surely it would be VERY cost affective to speed the proccess up wouldnt it.?

Anyone had this issue before or thinks the same.? & why does it have to take so long & what can be done to speed it up.?

  HondaMan 11:46 12 Oct 2009

It's the system!

As I understand it there are several, if you like, mini-checks to be done within the overall CRB check. If other agencies are involved, which is likely, they all have to "do their bit", before the final chaeck is complete.

I am sure you are anxious to start, but you future employer must have known the likely timescale, sio, sit back and relax.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:16 12 Oct 2009

I had to wait 3 months when I had my CRB check....obviously I must have been a major crim.


  bremner 13:39 12 Oct 2009

This is only going to get worse as of today the new Vetting and Barring Scheme become effective. This means many more people with legally require a CRB check including even parent running children (other than their own) to school / sports events.

The checks are nothing to do with the police - as the CRB quote on their website they are an "run as Executive Agency of the Home Office by Civil Servants, and delivers the service through a number of strategic partnerships".

  kidsis 13:42 12 Oct 2009

tein, do you still have to pay for the check yourself or does the employer pay now? I had to get vetted once and had to pay myself - after one year I was supposed to pay to have it done again but couldn't afford to. Is this still the situation or does the new check last for ever?

  tein 13:54 12 Oct 2009

kidsis! Hi, NO the company pays! BUT i belive EVERY new job you go for you have to get a new one! Here is the price/s!

click here

  dagbladet 16:02 12 Oct 2009


You're going to run out of exclamaition marks there mate.

My job at times requires me to go into schools and youth orgs to give talks and presentations for which I am CRB'd. I was aksed if I could help out at my sons 7-a-side football club, but would be required to be CRB'd. "No problem" I said, "i'm already checked out". Apparently not. It would seem that I'm cleared to be in contact with kids through my job but not outside of work (or something?!?).

  Woolwell 16:12 12 Oct 2009

Using the same CRB check for 2 organisations is called portability click here but my understanding is that it has to be in the same role which is where dagbladet probably has a problem.

  Mike D 16:16 12 Oct 2009

We have the same problem. Teachers/lecturers who are CRB checked by the school need to be CRB'd again if they do any other work. Me thinks that once again someone did not think this process through properly.

  Forum Editor 19:32 12 Oct 2009

and you're damned if you don't.

If a check is going to be worth anything at all it needs to be done with a degree of thoroughness, try to understand that it's for your own benefit as much as anyone else that this is being done.

Like dagbladet I had to be checked before I could talk to students, and it took almost five weeks. The delay in your case isn't excessive.

  morddwyd 20:18 12 Oct 2009

I saw in a recent news report that there are concerns if the Scouts have a World Jamboree in this country none of the scoutleaders who arrive with their scouts will be permitted to work with them while within these shores.

If that is true it will make us a laughing stock (yet again)throughout the world.

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