Crime Statistics

  n4165si 16:31 29 May 2008

Can someone explain to me ,if the government state that there is now less crime ,how come all the prisons are full to bursting and they are freeing prisoners early to make room for more,or is this just another illusion,i despair of this governments propaganda. or is it just another soundbite

  Pine Man 16:41 29 May 2008

The glass is half full actually!

Less crimes are being committed but the police are getting better and catching a higher percentage;-)

  Forum Editor 16:44 29 May 2008

recorded by the British Crime Survey show that overall crime figures have been declining since 1995, and that broadly speaking, crimes of violence are at the same level (or very slightly higher) now that they reached in 1981. Crime figures are now running at around 42% less than in 1995, and the reduction is spread across the board - crimes of violence, theft of cars, burglary, vandalism - they've all steadily declined in number since 1995, although they seem to have levelled off in the past three years.

I think the prisons are crowded for various reasons

1. The courts have toughened up on sentencing for some crimes.

2. More people are reoffending, and thus getting custodial sentences.

3. New prisoners are arriving faster than others are being released.

Those are my own opinions, and may not be accurate.

  mrwoowoo 17:13 29 May 2008

"The courts have toughened up on sentencing for some crimes".
Not seen much evidence of that.
For every tougher sentence,there seems to be half a dozen lighter ones.The latest being the recommendation of a caution for carrying a knife!
Total madness,considering the present climate.
Crime statistics,as inflation can be massaged to suit.
Knife crimes commited by under 16's are not included in the statistics.Presumably because the government knows it would push the figures through the roof.

  peter99co 17:19 29 May 2008

1. We should, but will not bring back hanging.

2. They reoffend because sentencing is still soft.

3. Not put off offending in the first place.

Any plans to reintroduce Hard Labour? Nil

(discounting the present lot)

  Mike D 17:20 29 May 2008

Could also be something to do with the police not recording all incidents as crimes. My wife used to work as a civilian support worker and she saw crime figures being massaged.

  Forum Editor 17:26 29 May 2008

The British Crime Survey is regarded as being more reliable than police 'reported crime' statistics where crimes of violence are concerned because police recorded crime is susceptible to changes in the way reports are recorded.

You hear a lot about some high-profile knife crimes because they are splashed all over the media for days, but serious violent crimes make up a small percentage of the total - just 2% for the year 2006/7. Knife crime is a serious matter however, and I believe the government will change the recording rules to include under 16 knife offences.

Overall, knife crimes have remained fairly stable for the past ten years, although in Scotland there's a more serious situation - they have four times as many knife crimes as England and Wales.

  Bingalau 17:30 29 May 2008

I think there are an awful lot of us who can't be bothered to report crime, because the police don't bother coming until it's too late. When the police do come and make an arrest it seems to end in the criminal getting away with it anyway. Judges are therefore probably the cause of all the unreported crime. They are far too soft on the criminals. In a way I don't blame the police for being a bit lax on the job when all their hard work is for nothing. Crime is definitely on the rise.

  newman35 17:32 29 May 2008

You're going soft.
Let's thrash them with a cat o' nine tails, then keel-haul them, then apply clamps/electricity to their privates, THEN hang 'em ( and maybe finish up with a wee bit of drawing and quartering).
That should stop them re-offending!

  peter99co 18:02 29 May 2008

I agree dog eat dog!

  peter99co 18:10 29 May 2008

I knew a policeman who arrested people and after going through tons of paperwork would within weeks find the same people doing the same thing again.
He gave up and now lives in New Zealand.

He tried before he gave up, rounding up the illegal immigrants but the courts let them go.

He used to call them yoyo's

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