Ventad 10:32 01 Feb 2011

Anybody been able to get on the police crime maps or has it been brought down by too many users

  Quickbeam 10:35 01 Feb 2011

'Users' as in thick burglars thinking it's a good burgling UK guide?

  Ventad 10:39 01 Feb 2011

you could be right there,looking for what they see as easy pickings with no police presence. Although the say that in other countries that have implimented it ,it puts the police to shame and instead of saying they are too busy (stopping cars with a light bulb out) they started to attend more quickly.

  jakimo 11:42 01 Feb 2011

Crime map website crashes as it gets 75000 hits a minute,
Im surprised that so many people have to go to a website to find out whats happening on their own doorstep

  spuds 12:02 01 Feb 2011

Perhaps looking at websites is the only way that you will find out what is happening in your own neighbourhood?.

Early hours of last Friday morning, one of our neighbours were robbed at knifepoint. Three villains kitted out for the job, broke into their house and then held the family hostage while taking valuables and other items from the property.

It was only a day later, that two police officers casually knocked on a few doors, asking if people could help with their enquiries. Nobody who was asked were able to help, and no one in the neighbourhood would have been aware that this incident had taken place, had it not been for a casual visit by the police.

  spuds 13:38 01 Feb 2011

Perhaps are far easier way, is to log onto your local constabulary. Most have links to your own local area, were the local commander should keep you informed.

But like most things nowadays, updating seems to be a bit of a problem with some local crime and police activities.

  jakimo 14:43 01 Feb 2011

'I'm surprised that so many people have to go to a website to find out whats happening on their own doorstep'

You replied...
I doubt if they do.

75000 hits a minute,bringing the website to a standstill is quite a considerable number,enough I would have thought to justify my 'so many people' claim.

  jakimo 16:34 01 Feb 2011

Just to keep you up to date

click here

  skeletal 16:40 01 Feb 2011

I’d heard about this, so seeing this thread reminded me to give it a quick go. It completely crashed IE. Task manager to the rescue...


  peter99co 20:30 01 Feb 2011

Visitors to click here, which cost £300,000 to develop.

Let's hope it was money well spent.

Let the novelty wear off and then it should be worth a check.

I wonder if they will allow feedback like the Google Map site where information was incorrect.

  spuds 20:33 02 Feb 2011

I see the websites had a number of complaints about incorrect data, if media reports are anything to go by.

One major police headquarters is classed as an area of high anti-social behavior. Apparently this figure was gained, because the HQ received telephone hoax complaints to the control room that were logged at that area as anti-social. The local residents in the area are not amused?.

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