Cricket Allegations

  morddwyd 20:06 01 Sep 2010

Do the current allegations of corruption, together with rugby's "bloodgate", widespread allegations of drugs in athletics, cycling having lost a lot of its credibility and almost monthly scandals in F1 mean that the whole of professional sport must be regarded with a jaundiced eye, thanks to the money men?

  bri-an 20:07 01 Sep 2010


  caccy 20:20 01 Sep 2010


  MAJ 20:23 01 Sep 2010

£95 to watch a cricket match (news interview with a fan)? You'd need to be keen.

  Blackhat 22:42 01 Sep 2010

We have heard all about the allegations but what I don’t understand is why nothing has been reported (unless I am missing something) about those who would have placed bets on the no balls and the bookmakers who took the bets. Were the winning bets paid out? Can the bet placers (who would have done so on information received) be traced?

You don’t have a betting scandal unless someone is making money from it!

  Strawballs 22:47 01 Sep 2010

There would be no betting on this one because it was set up by The News Of The World to prove it goes on.

  Blackhat 23:04 01 Sep 2010

That is one theory I had thought about. I also think that other stings by The News of the World only come about by their setups and would otherwise not happen!

Long time ago I was close to a News of the World reporter who said he did his most creative writing on a Sunday morning filling out his expenses forms. He had a 2 year driving ban but still claimed for the car while his wife used it, he collected all the bar & restaurant receipts he could get & would often claim for up to 3 meals a night talking to contacts!

  Forum Editor 23:21 01 Sep 2010

on the response that came from bri-an.

So I won't try.

  DippyGirl 00:08 02 Sep 2010

From what I see the NotW dont have to prove anything. It doesnt matter if any bets were even placed or not.
They said they had paid somebody to deliver (no pun) three no balls at very specific points in the innings, the no balls arrived - and very obvious ones too.... Case proven or massive co-incidence?
Maybe coincidence bets will replace fun bets in the future.

  Quickbeam 00:21 02 Sep 2010

Again, the first response by bri-an is the only one needed.

  Quickbeam 00:27 02 Sep 2010

"£95 to watch a cricket match (news interview with a fan)? You'd need to be keen."
That's better value for money for 6/7 hours of play than 90 minutes of football.

My weekend at Trentbridge was even better value than Lords at only £45 per day.

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