Credit Worthyness

  Chegs ®™ 03:53 26 Feb 2010

I have managed for my whole adult life without a credit card,and have only within the last few years succumbed to a debit card.

When the car insurance needed renewing last October,I decided to borrow double the amount needed,to pay for additional items(tyres/tax/MOT,etc)

During one of my more lucid periods(I suffer badly from short term memory loss)recently,I asked my bank about obtaining a credit card and completed the application.I waited a few weeks then called in to the bank to enquire if I'd been accepted and was told the answer was a no.The bank teller suggested I check-out my credit rating,and when I explained that all my previous attempts had failed as they asked for a credit card to verify my age/address etc she informed me I could send a postal order(reading this back,I still get the impression she didn't understand my previous failures with the credit reference companies)Anyway,I returned home and tried again to sign-up for a free month with Experian and this occasion was successful as they accepted my debit card.

Back to my loan in October.In all,I have been "credit checked" by 9 companies(my bank being one)and my credit rating was "satisfactory" on most,but the loan company are claiming I've made 6 payments late in 4mths(not sure how they decided this as I pay monthly to their collector at the door)and a mail order firm state "default" I have contacted the solicitors acting on this "default" and they have stated I do not have to pay the outstanding debt as I haven't ever had a catalogue let alone ordered anything from it.They also stated that this "default" would be removed from my credit history,but it hasn't.

I have a contract mobile phone(also satisfactory)my partner has one from a different provider(also satisfactory)I can obtain loans,finance for goods etc yet cannot get a credit card from a bank.I have tried several different card providers (even ones recommended by moneysavingexpert as available to poor credit rated people)and still am told no.If I'd had a credit card last October,I could've used it to buy the insurance/tyres etc and saved myself a headache from the loan company.

Anyone suggest ways to improve my credit rating else I'll have to loan again from this same company that has manage to screw-up my recent history?

  sunnystaines 07:58 26 Feb 2010

reminds me when i tried to open a savings account get refused on a credit check but the west brom refused to give details. [i wanted to save not borrow]

i had to pay for a experian report on myself which i thought was out of order. on the records was a false entry relating to someone i had never heard of at an address the other side of the country, experian refused to correct it told to contact HSBC their were not interested till i change the line to someone using a fraudulent card and after a few weeks all was sorted.

  I am Spartacus 11:22 26 Feb 2010

Correct your credit rating click here

  Chegs ®™ 11:58 26 Feb 2010

"If you're paying this loan off to a doorstep collector you are paying far too much in interest.

I realise that it may be hard for you to get a loan from a bank but you'll never break the cycle if you go on like this."

The doorstep loan APR is the main reason I wish to obtain a credit card,more favourable terms can be had.When I took out the loan,I wasn't in employment whereas I am now the holder of two jobs(relief truck driver & takeaway delivery driver)and intend to pay-off the outstanding loan in full as soon as possible.

Reading the linked page from I am Spartacus I seem to have started the process to correct my credit score already,though I will write letters instead of the telephone conversations I've used previously.

  spuds 18:25 26 Feb 2010

Have you a local Credit Union, they might be able to help!.

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