Credit card/identity protection insurance

  exdragon 11:57 20 May 2009

Hi - does anyone have any comments on these? I don't mean the PPI insurance, more the registration of cards in case of loss/theft.

I've been with CPP for ages but the renewal is due and I'm getting so frustrated with them, particularly when trying to access my Experian credit reference file.

I just wondered if anyone had any experience of either CPP or Sentinel, or if there are any other recommended options available.


  MAJ 12:04 20 May 2009

Protection against CC fraud and Identity Theft is common sense, you don't need to pay for insurance against it. If that's what you're talking about, exdragon?

  exdragon 12:28 20 May 2009

No - CPP records all your cards and important documents passprt, driving licence etc) and will replace them if, for example, you have your handbag/wallet stolen (delete as applicable! In my case, it's handbag). They give you access to your Experian file and alert you if someone else tries to access it.

There are various other benefits regarding identity theft too, as well as costs incurred if you have to replace certain things.

  Pine Man 13:59 20 May 2009

My major credit card is with Capital One. I got screwed for about £10,000 and it was all replaced immediately and a new card issued without the need for any insurance.

Insurance companies cannot replace either your passport or driving licence. Just make sure you have the details recorded to make it easier for you to replace them if necessary.

I have never been convinced of the need to pay for this sort of insurance.

  exdragon 16:10 20 May 2009

I reckon I'm not explaining myself very well: my card numbers are registered with PPP. If I lose one, or all, I don't have to find all the relevant phone numbers plus card numbers in order to cancel them and ask for replacements.

I know they can't replace the passport or driving licence, but provided that the docs are registered with them, they pay towards replacements.

I was just interested to hear if anyone has any expierence of other such companies, the main one of which is Sentinel, I believe.

  Pine Man 16:30 20 May 2009

I was with Sentinel for many years but it eventually dawned on me that I was paying for the luxury of someone keeping records that I could easily keep myself and for CC insurance that wasn't even necessary.

I know that insurance (peace of mind) is a personal thing and, as far as I know, Sentinel are rated as probably the best.

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