Cracking Software

  ezypcy 10:45 22 Mar 2006

Recently I discovered the word torrents.
After looking through some of the related sites I was amazed to see that almost every type of software ,along with cracks, are available.
However,I thought that the new Vista will be too good to be ripped of.But,then I saw a beta version listed.
Will Vista ,when released,be able to stop this illegal trade in it's operating systems?Or is it too late?
Has MS also lost the war or battle?

  rmcqua 11:29 22 Mar 2006

I think you will find discussion on this subject, including the information already included in your post, discouraged on the forum.

  €dstowe 11:32 22 Mar 2006

I'm sure that Microsoft have this well under control.

For one thing, beta versions of Vista (all that's available so far) have a limited lifespan and they will die after their allotted time has expired.

The final (?) version of Vista will be the most protected hack proof, crack proof software ever produced.

Having said that, I'm sure there are man in Singapore and similar places at this very moment working on their "geniune" copies of Vista to sell the moment it is launched. Note my spelling of genuine which is deliberate and seen in Singapore on a box with purported Windows XP in it on the day of its launch.

  ezypcy 12:00 22 Mar 2006

rmcqua ~sorry ,and you are?
I want to know that if/when I purchase the new Vista then it it not already full of serious ,outsider security holes.Surely,this is a valid point for discussion!

  beynac 12:43 22 Mar 2006

"rmcqua ~sorry ,and you are?"

  rmcqua 12:51 22 Mar 2006

I don't understand your question. Is it supposed to be humorous?
It was the first part of your post that I thought was inappropriate and not normally encouraged on the forum.
Re. your second post, I agree completely with €dstowe. Kind of difficult question to debate really, isn't it, since none of us know. I think it's reasonable to assume, though, that Microsoft will have learned a few tricks from ptrevious experience.

  jtt 13:32 22 Mar 2006

I would be surprised if a crack didn't become available, even if it is well protected. XP got cracked, Windows Genuine Advantage got circumvented. There will no doubt be many people working on a crack, and even if it is tricky to crack, it only takes one leak from a Microsoft insider, and the protection information is all over the internet.

  Monument 14:52 22 Mar 2006

I think rmcqua has got the wrong end of the stick completely as your posting seems very clear to me.

You have highlighted that cracked software is readily available and have raised for debate whether MS are fighting a losing battle.

I think they are fighting a never ending battle that they can probably never win. I get annoyed when people complain about MS activation and validation as these are ways MS can fight back. At the end of the day those lawfully obtaining their software are probably paying more than they should have to as MS (and other companies) have to pass along the costs of this 'battle'

  rmcqua 15:00 22 Mar 2006

It wasn't the clarity of ezypcy's posting that I commented on, it was the reference in the earlier part to search criteria that would lead readers to sites offering "cracks" and illegal software. I realise that many forum readers already know of such sites, but I don't think we should be providing direct references. That said, it could be that I am being over-sensitive, in which case no doubt FE will tell me and I will retreat, muttering that I only said it in the best interests of the professionalism of the forum!

  Monument 15:10 22 Mar 2006

"ezypcy mentioned 'torrent' once but I think they got away with it" as Basil Fawlty might have said.

Darn I said it again :-D

  ezypcy 15:17 22 Mar 2006

Very understanding words Monument,thanks.
rmcqua I was very careful not to mention any sites involved.We all know that street crime happens everyday in every town but we don't pretend that it's not happening;just in case it encourages someone to do likewise!

Following your train of thought then we should outlaw and ban the advertising of violent pc games.Yes?From various research this is a really serious problem.

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