CPU Question

  recap 12:49 30 Jan 2006

I have always known the CPU to stand for Central Processing Unit. This being the main chip for the motherboard.

A student in one of my classes said, the CPU is the tower that holds all the internal parts of the computer and that I was confusing her.

Computer furniture manufacturers refer to a cpu stand, (click here for an example) instead of what I would have called a tower stand.

What is your opinions and what have you always known the CPU to be?

  rmcqua 13:13 30 Jan 2006

I think that everyone, with the possible exception of those who work in the furniture business, understands the CPU to be the chip. The only alternative I guess is to refer to the chip as a "processor". I must admit that I have never seen an item of furniture described as a CPU stand, until I saw your link.
(Students can be difficult, can't they!)

  Totally-braindead 13:27 30 Jan 2006

Your student is wrong and you are correct, the link you gave is for what they call a mobile CPU caddy which I personally think is confusing, if they called it a mobile tower caddy them fair enough but their description is, in my opinion at least a bit on the stupid side.
I mean if you went into any computer shop and asked for a new CPU and someone showed you a processor and you then said no thats too small its to make sure it fits this and you showed them the picture they would of course say oh its a new case you want. If you argued then they'd probably think you were daft.

  PaulB2005 13:46 30 Jan 2006

click here

As made by Inte and AMD.

Not the tower or case which holds all the drives etc

  medicine hat 14:12 30 Jan 2006

There are a few more than Intel and AMD

click here

  Thalmus 16:10 30 Jan 2006

To the computer literate the CPU is the chip that sits on the mother board and the whole tower itself is referred to as a base unit.

To the non literate however, I've heard them refer to base units as CPU's, hard disks etc.....

  ade.h 16:26 30 Jan 2006

The non-PC-literate can be a major headache. I have two of them for parents and whenever I visit, their questions are often hard to follow. "You can't work the what?!"

I'd point your student towards Wikipedia if I were you, recap!

  Forum Editor 16:40 30 Jan 2006

the Central Processing Unit - i.e. the silicon chip that sits on the motherboard and is the 'brain' of the computer.

  spikeychris 16:44 30 Jan 2006

Hello recap. Some of the older techs I work with call mainframes CPU's, referring to the processor, memory (RAM) and I/O architecture
(channels or buses).

I have always thought that microprocessors are different to CPU's as processors have evolved from control units. They obviously do a very similar thing but a hell of a lot faster than they used to in a much smaller area.

Define:CPU says click here

  spikeychris 16:46 30 Jan 2006



  recap 16:57 30 Jan 2006

Thanks folks. The students previous tutor told her that the CPU was the tower not the central processing unit. I am wondering who taught him, and where was he taught.

Nice to see you are still around spikeychris.

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