iso9001 19:20 30 May 2006

Bet this gets the FE's heart going ;-)

I have been told of a paintball company were you can dress up as cowboys, (with googles & facemasks) in a real made up cowboy setting of saloon, jail etc and shoot each other as many times as you like!

One problem is i can not find the companies detail anywhere, anyone heard of this company at all??

I'm off to the high plaines to drift :-)

  Al94 19:32 30 May 2006

If you had used your "googles" you might have found this click here

  Forum Editor 19:37 30 May 2006

my heart is rock-steady.

click here if you fancy a shoot-out in a cowboy town, but don't expect it to be painted pink.

Me and Clint go way back.

  iso9001 19:47 30 May 2006

Cheers Al94, i'm at work on a long 12 hour shift & trying to cook dinner and hope we dont get a call, but thanks thats near to work.

  iso9001 19:48 30 May 2006

Sorry FE missed you post, thanks.

Always thought posting with the headline "Cowboys" would help things ;-)

  wolfie3000 20:13 31 May 2006

Went paint balling a while back here

click here

And loved every minute i guess from this thread you like paint balling FE?

  WhiteTruckMan 21:06 31 May 2006

Having had rude foreigners try to make holes in me in the past (thankfully unsucsessfully) this sort of thing leaves me cold. bit like some people and the world cup. still, if it floats your boat....


  WhiteTruckMan 22:08 31 May 2006

but it wasnt adreneline! :)


  iso9001 14:56 01 Jun 2006

I have also done the odd tour of the worlds hot spots & been paid to be spat at, stoned(bricks & bottles)set fire to and been shot at, oh and the odd bit of rioting for good measure.

But i see paintballing as fun, you get shot 5 or 6 times in paintballing thats fine, get shot 5 or 6 times in war and it's off to the red & green life machine if your lucky and a casevac to a nice hospital ship with female nurses!

Oh and the other thing you get to splat your mates & any young aspiring ruperts hanging around!!

  oresome 20:55 01 Jun 2006

Reminds me of the only time the wife and I were asked to leave a pub because we were inappropriately dressed.

We were on holiday in the South of England somewhere and chanced upon this pub. Whilst we were in the car park a Reliant three wheeler drew up and a chap got out brandishing a couple of six shooters, which he spun round and dropped back into holsters slung round his waist.

We looked at each other and quickly scurried into the sanctuary of the pub out of harms way.

Only to be greeted by a Wild West scene. The room went quiet and all eyes were on us. I swear the guys had their hands on their guns ready to draw!

The door was kicked open behind us and in strutted the Reliant driver spinning his guns again. We felt cornered.

The bar tender came to our rescue and said we could have one drink, but must then leave as we weren't dressed for the Wild West night.

We declined the offer and got out as quick as we could.

We now holiday up't North.

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